1. says

    Ha. ALF. I forgot about him. I think she looks like Gizmo from Gremlins.

    Sarah, If you were here right now you might change your mind. Lizzie is barking like a maniac for no apparent reason. Maybe our house is built over a burial ground?

  2. says

    Way too cute!
    Yeah, the whole puppy barking thing reminds me of the same when people ask if I’m going to have any more kids to “try for a girl”–I have four boys. Then when I hear them screaming, I’m quickly reminded that I’M DONE! 🙂

  3. Barbara Hahn says

    Your puppy is way to cute! It makes me want another puppy. I have five dachshunds with the youngest one being 2-1/2 years old. Rosie (10 years old) just had surgery for a bladder stone. It weighted about 1 pound and she weights about 17 pounds. She is doing great now.

  4. says

    Katrina, why don’t you just get a girl puppy? LOL.

    Hi Barbara! A whole pound??? Wow. I’ll bet Rosie is feeling a lot better now. Thanks for stopping by Cookie Madness.

  5. says

    Reminds me of our family dog “Cookie”(RIP) who always had that same look after a bath –kind of bewildered, like “what happened?” How we miss her, but never never again. Too much of a commitment. And they don’t grow up and out of diapers like children do.

  6. Laura says

    Aaaw, she is so cute! I knew I’d see something sweet when I stopped by, even if it wasn’t cookies! : )

  7. Kelly M says

    Your puppy is adorable! I think she looks like Gizmo too…those ears!

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while without commenting, but I HAD to once I saw this adorable puppy picture…

  8. JoanS says

    That second puppy photo is absolutely precious!!! I’ve not spoken up, but I never miss a post on your blog – which is strange, since I’m diabetic and can’t have 98% of the recipes you post – but it sure makes delicious reading!!

  9. Cassie says

    She looks a lot like my new little corgi girl 🙂 Emma gets the same “what did you do?!?” look when we give her a bath. Good luck with the barking! We’ve been trying to just ignore Emma when she barks so she learns that it doesn’t get her anything, but she hasn’t given it up yet 😛

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