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    Now that I’m about to go to bed you tell me this!!! Oh well I’ll celebrate it next year…

    Anna both Lizzie and Fuzz are growing up nicely.

    I’ll see your cheesecake when I’m bake from vacation (I’m off to Barcelona). Bake a lot of yummy stuff so I have to entretain myself when I came back!

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    Oh by the way, nice to see that your cookie up there on your header went to the beach and is well tanned! Also I meant back instead of bake (I just love the word bake, can’t you tell?)

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    I’ve got an award for you on my blog. You probably already have it. No obligation to post it or share it, just wanted to recognize your great blog.
    BTW, I made chocolate pudding a couple weeks ago and churned it in my ice cream maker-it was absolutely amazing. It’s on my blog if you click on the pudding link.

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    Erin, thanks for the award! It’s nice to be acknowledged. I am having a hard time keeping up with awards and meme’s, though. Yikes!
    But still, it’s an honor and I appreciate the thought.

    Hey — thanks for the idea of churning the pudding into ice cream. You are brilliant!

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