No Cookies Today

I’d planned on making cookies today, but when I went to the store for ingredients, I saw a box of Little Debbie Banana Twins and had a sudden craving.  So at lunch I had some Banana Twins and am now too full to bake.

The question is, what was up with the Banana Twin craving? Had I been reading too much about Angelina Jolie’s twins?  Do I subconsiously want to have twins?  Why did I choose them over Nutty Bars?

Anyway.  This is probably the most useless post ever.  I’ll have a new recipe tomorrow.

Banana Twins

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  1. says

    I’ve never tried the Banana Twins before. They are that good, huh?
    I’m cookied-out right now from all this Ultimate baking! 😉

  2. says

    I’m excited to see this cute lady win the Pillsbury bake-off tonight. It better not make me want to make more of those cookies, though!

  3. says

    banana twins!!

    goodness- you reminded me of these months and months ago and i FINALLY (last week) found them in a store in denver. i got my own banana twin craving taken care of. =)

  4. HeartofGlass says

    I always had to ‘sneak’ Little Debbies because of my mother’s sugar-phobia. I was especially fond of the oatmeal sandwich cookies and crispy chocolate rice treats.

    Consider this further research for your already extensive collection of banana treats!

  5. jancd says

    Yes, I think this means that you will soon have twins. Ha. It is kinda strange though, isn’t it?Jancd

  6. says

    Little Debbie got me through college! I love those things, except for the star crunch ones. I actually have a box of those banana ones in my cupboard to try. If they are good enough to be in your grocery cart… they must be tasty!
    Angelina twindom… mmm. Not going to comment on that mystery.

  7. says

    This has nothing to do with bananas or twins… I realized I never got back to you on two recipes I’ve made. First, the Pineapples Cream Cheese Bars. They were a huge hit at the party I made them for. They traveled well too. Thanks again for your help with that. Second, the Miles of Chocolate clone brownies. They are now my family’s official best chocolate dessert ever. I made them for my brother’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and he was still talking about them last night!

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