1. Karen says

    Looks beautiful! My fingers are crossed against the cracking gods. I’ve been craving cheesecake for the last couple of weeks and was planning to make one next week – can’t wait to see your results, if you rave, I’ll probably give your recipe a try instead of my usual one – looks like you did not do a water bath. I usually do, although it’s a major pain.

  2. Janet says

    No, I’m not mad….just drooling all over myself thinking about how good it will taste. Looking forward to the recipe when you have it all figured out;-)

  3. Therese B. says


    Please post the recipe!! You know how much I love cheesecake!


  4. says

    I more upset that it looks like there’s not a spot on the bottom of your oven! Mine does not look clean like that!
    Cheesecake looks good. Is it your “best ever” recipe?

  5. says

    i love making cheesecakes, but absolutely despise the way they taste! lol! but yours looks great and i’m excited yours hasn’t cracked yet…i must know your secret!

  6. says

    I was baking my very first cheesecake 2 (or 3) Thanksgivings ago. Pumpkin, yum! I got it out of the oven and it still looked pretty good. I was so proud!!! I laid a damp dishcloth over it just to make sure. My husband got home and grabbed the dishcloth NOT noticing there was a cheescake underneath (I can hear you gasping!). You guessed it. A huge man handprint in the cheesecake. No lie! It was still yummy and after I got over my sadness we had a good laugh. 🙂

    PS-my Mexican vanilla is Danncy brand. I can’t imagine its the best, but will it do? I do like the flavor. I guess I gotta just try and see. 🙂


  7. Isa says

    Not mad, YET… cause the recipe is coming, right? ahah… I’ll keeps my fingers crossed for your cheescake

  8. Carole R. says

    Thw whole idea of putting some sort of topping on a cheesecake happened because some chef needed to cover up the cracks in a cheescake.

  9. Michelle says

    What is your secret?

    I can never get them not to crack. I’ve tried the water bath, I’ve made sure no to overwhip the batter; I’ve gotten a thermometer for the oven; not opened the door for hours after shutting it off, etc.. but to no avail! Oh well, at least they taste delicious. When I give them away and they’re cracked, I usually cover them in ganache or fruit, but I prefer mine naked.

  10. says

    Oh come on, really, was the cheesecake supposed to sit there all night like that? You’re killing me here!
    Fine, I’m off to go running then.

  11. says

    The Danncy vanilla is good. I bought it on ebay and I’m pretty impressed with the flavor and of course the price.

  12. Jodie says

    I’ve sold cheesecakes for over 25 years, and here are my “no cracking” tips (although sometimes they just crack, no way around it…that’s what ganache is for!). Cream the sugar and cream cheese very well. After you add the eggs try to beat as little as possible. You don’t want to beat in air. After the cheesecake is baked, let sit for about 15 minutes and then very carefully loosen the sides of the springform pan (open slightly) and use a knife to separate the cheesecake from the side. As it cools, it will shrink and if you don’t loosen it the cake will crack from pulling. Once loosened, you can close the pan again to complete cooling.
    A water bath will completely change the texture of a cheesecake. If you want dense NY cheesecake, don’t use a water bath. It will make a cheesecake creamier. Hope that helps!

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