San Francisco Day 2

Hello from the hotel room again!


 Last night didn’t go so well socially.  After ordering a club sandwich and glass of Chardonnay from room service, I forced myself to re-apply makeup, get dressed and go to the top floor of the hotel for a “Newbie Mixer”.  I regretted that decision immediately upon arrival and wished I’d stayed in the room and watched Stop Loss.  Everyone was engaged in conversation and since walking up to people is not my thing, I freaked out and left.   In the elevator heading down, I got mad at myself for being scared of the Newbie Mixer, so I hit the button for a different floor and went to a party for non-newbies.  I would have left that one too, were it not for a couple of friendly ladies (mom bloggers) who empathized a bit and escorted me back to the Newbie mixer where I freaked out again.  I think maybe I was just tired and needed to go to bed.


Today was better.  Seminars had begun and the first one I attended was designed especially for introverts.  It was led by a panel of talented introverts who’d done their share of crying after cocktail parties.  That seminar was, I must say, brilliant on BlogHer’s part and I came out not only feeling better, but with a couple of new blogger buddies — one of whom walked with me to the next seminar which was “Lunch With Rocco DiSpirito/Bertolli”.  At this point,  I was feeling good about things and happy I came.


The lunch with Rocco seminar had very limited seating, which was kind of nice.  Some people had a hard time seeing him do to the actual demo, but he worked the room despite that and posed for pictures, signed books and apologized for the box lunches we had.  It was obvious he wanted to cook for everyone right then.  I think his passion is primarily making people happy and secondarily, doing that through food.  His partnership with Bertolli seems to be a good one because it’s all about getting people away from take out and back into the kitchen where they at least have to stand over a stove for a few minutes and plate something. 


Of course, there were some food bloggers in the room to challenge this!  Kalyn from Kalyn’s kitchen asked Rocco if all this emphasis on convenience food was going to turn people away from the true art of cooking.  Rocco used that to present his argument  that if it takes a packet of pre-made spaghetti sauce to get people in the kitchen where they are at least standing over a stove and plating something, then that’s progress.  Good points all around.  I think there’s lots of middle ground.


Now I was really was glad to see Kalyn. She and I have been email friends for a while and since she has a picture of herself on her blog, she was literally a familiar face.  Kalyn introduced me to some other food bloggers who again, I will list later.  I’ve been collecting business cards and kicking myself for not having any Cookie Madness cards, but I’ve collected info on new people for the blogroll and personal entertainment.  So hooray on that front.


Well, I’d better go.  I skipped out of the “Syndication and Content” conference to write this and I’m dying to get another quick walk in before the last seminar of the day. 


I am going to try to post some pictures later.  I promise. I am not, however, in any of them because I’m having a terrible time with my face right now.  Long story. 

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  1. Kelly says


    Why did you go on this trip? What was it for? I must have missed your information on it, so I am confused to what it is about? Is it for foodnetwork or something? Please explain?
    I do hope you have a great time no matter what it is for though. It sounds interesting. Hopefully, it will have something to do with cooking and you will be able to share lots of tips, recipes, and new web sites for us to visit in the future.

    Enjoy it,


  2. says

    I’d have bailed on the newbie mixer too. Because “honestly, why would anybody want to talk to me?” are the thoughts that go through my head. Plus, I feel myself getting fatter and fatter, and my hair getting more and more frizzy, each second that I am forced to socialize. And half the time, that’s with people I know! I feel you!

  3. judi0044 says

    Thanks for sharing while you’re in SF. I think I read this is the second BlogHer convention. It sounds like a good way to get all the ladies together sharing info. A good friend runs a B&B (without an innkeeper) and has a blog – she’s an ex educator and writer. She loves the outlet although I don’t know how she has time! Good luck with the photos – we’re waiting.

  4. says

    I’ve allways pictured you as such an outgoing person! So sorry you had a hard time yesterday, I also suffer from social phobia sometimes, so I can relate. I think everybody can actually. Tomorrow you’ll meet more and more people and by the time you’ll have to go back home you will not want to leave!

  5. says

    Oh boy, do I feel your pain. You summed up my whole personality within the first paragraph. I am a social person, just not with people I don’t know. Anyways, great writers tend to be introverts, right?

    Enjoy SF, it’s such a great city!!

  6. says

    I sent you an email.
    I’m sure you’ll look back on this and will have loved it. I am the same way, do NOT like getting in on conversations and meeting people. You’ve got guts just going.
    We’re all excited to have you back baking and blogging!

  7. says

    Hi Anna,

    I hope you’re enjoying the conference!
    I’m totally with you on meeting a roomful of people I don’t know. I felt that way in Birmingham when I met you at CL!
    But I people love you and think you rock. Someone on the KERF blog said she’d be more “star struck” meeting you than Rocco!

    Be well,

    Melissa :)

  8. jean says

    You have a lot of guts just going to Blogher. It isn’t something I could do. You are wonderful.

  9. Jenine says

    Oh Anna, I SO know how you feel. I’d be very interested in hearing about the introvert seminar as I’m an extreme introvert. Although I feel that’s not a personality flaw, I’d love to hear more about others, tips, etc, because sometimes being in introvert is just not really convenient. I’m glad your 2nd day went a lot better for you!

  10. Midge says

    Anna, please don’t be too hard on yourself. I think everyone feels some anxiety in social situations where they know no one. I am a nurse by profession and have no problems talking to strangers (patients) at work. I realize it is because I am in control of what will happen and my focus is on the other person, not what is going on with me. It’s taken me twenty years to realize this and I still have issues in social gatherings. Keep at it…you’re doing great. It it will get better as time goes on.

  11. says

    The anticipation of it all is always worse than the actual being there. I know – it’s easy to say – I’m an extrovert so sometimes have trouble relating to the introvert perspective.

  12. says

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for posting. Your post summed up many of my own experiences. Those seminars sound helpful and educational. Know that we miss you and can’t wait to see your pics when you get back.

  13. Sarah says

    I think many people would feel the same way about talking to people you’ve never met before, I know I get nervous as well! Keep your chin up, I’m sure (as others have said) that you’ll feel like you don’t want to leave by the end of the conference. Whenever I’m afraid of doing something, I just think about how great I’ll feel once I’ve conquered my fear and done it.

  14. says

    Hi Anna,

    We tagged your daughter Fuzz on the random facts meme – we hope she can play along! Please see our blog for details!
    Sabrina and Alexander

  15. says

    Hi Anna,

    I’m enjoying reading about your adventures in SF. I can absolutely relate to your fear of ‘newbie’ gatherings and being among a lot of people you don’t know. It’s very brave of you. Over time it gets easier, and when you attend again next year, you will know more people. We’ll all be looking forward to hearing about your experiences. :)

  16. Shannon L. says

    Hi Anna; Your experience with the Newbie social sounds like something I’d do. But I’ll admit – I’m shocked you’d be that apprehensive ! From reading your blog (several times a day LOL), I think *I’d* be apprehensive about meeting you! That’d be like meeting a celebrity !

    Next time you go into one of those social settings, just remember all your fans standing behind you, cheering you on. And thanks for sharing your experiences in SF. Sounds like quite an interesting trip !

  17. stacey says

    totally interesting, and funny. not what I would have expected either, but now that I think about it, blogging is kind of like a story in your head, being played out. the reality of it is completely different.

  18. Heidi says

    I picture your business cards with a big jagged bite out of the corner, as if Cookie Monster wanted to taste it. 😉

  19. says

    I would so have talked to you if I’d seen you at either of those parties. However, I was pretty busy hiding behind curtains and pillars trying not to attract any attention, myself. Not to even mention envying all the thin people with pretty dresses. Sigh. But next year, let’s both take a deep breath and step out from behind the drapes and find each other so we’ll have a presence that maybe other shy people will gravitate towards. That’s often my goal, but I’m too socially lacking to carry through with it. I’m glad you went to the introversion panel; that was me in the middle, in the turquoise shirt.

    I went to BlogHer last year and stayed behind the drapes the whole time. This year, I ventured out a little bit and what a difference it made!

    I also would have gone berry-shopping with you; honestly, I could live like Yogi Bear all year long and love it.

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