San Francisco

Well hello from the tower at the Westin St. Francis! 

Yes, I made it, and so did Fuzz’s laptop — the one she won in the “Draw Yourself and Friends Sharing a Lactaid Moment” coloring contest.  Now if I could just figure out how to use the photo editing software I could post a picture I took of this hotel room.  But don’t worry, I didn’t spend all day in here.  I took a very long walk through an area called North Beach where I found a cool candy store that sells those Band-Aids that look like bacon (I’d been wanting some forever), fudge and toys.  The employees were nice too.  They gave me some tips on where I could go to load up on Pokemon junk and then pointed me toward a neat bookstore called City Lights. It was great despite the fact that their selection of baking books was dismal.  The erotica section made up for it, though.  Just kidding.  Joking with you on the Internet.  Hardy, har, har.


After North Beach, I hit Chinatown and got yelled at in Chinese for trying to take a picture of some plump, juicy, cherries on sale for $1.99.   I kind of saw it coming, because taking photos inside grocery stores is not generally smiled upon by the management.  However, the cherries were on the street in front of the store and isn’t that fair game?  I guess not.  So I told the lady how happy I was about her prices and apologized.  She filled a big bag full of cherries, shoved it at me and pointed to the register which had a huge line of people buying fruit for the evening. And let me say this. If fruit prices were this good in Texas, I’d be in line for it every night too.  I won’t even tell you what the price of blueberries was here.  Let’s just say MUCH less than Austin and the berries were probably better.  At least if these cherries are any indictator.  They’re the best I’ve ever eaten.

So to wrap this up for now, San Francisco is a lot like downtown Austin but with more people, bigger hills, more traffic, fog, a bay, this big bridge, a Chinatown, a Little Italy, 10,000 more restaurants, better fruit and well……it’s really not  like Austin at all but in this weird way it sort of is.  I can’t explain it.

I’m probably going to order room service tonight and rest up for a big day of conferences.  I’m not even sure which ones I’m going to.  That is, except for the lunch one.  Rocco DiSpirito is doing a demo, so that should be fun.

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  1. Adella says

    Produce prices in Chinatown are generally much less than what you find in the supermarkets. Plus they have much more variety.

    Try to eat some dim sum while you are there and be sure to try the lovely custard tarts that are so addictive.

  2. bonnie says

    Hi–I live in Marin County, just over the GG Bridge. Am heading out of town tomorrow myself–hope your visit here is wonderful. Not sure how much time you have, but my newest favorite places in SF (maybe not near you, either) are: Kara’s Cupcakes (Scott St. in the Marina, then stroll along Chestnut St.), Greens for take out (Fort Mason, then walk along the Marina Green at water’s edge), SoGreen Frozen Yoghurt (Crocker Galleria, downtown near Market St.–REAL yoghurt–yum), the entire Ferry Blding (lots of gd. places). Have a blast! Love your blog!

  3. Katy says

    I’m so glad you decided to come! This city is so much fun. I don’t know if you saw the front page of yesterday’s Chronicle, but we were voted the most walkable city in the nation. Don’t miss the Ferry building. The prices at the Saturday market are outrageous. Nothing like Chinatown. But worth it.
    Get takeout from the Slanted Door. And something for breakfast or snacks from Acme Bakery. There’s not enough time! Have a ball.

  4. Rina says


    It’s great to hear that you are enjoying your trip thus far! Another quick tip for a quick bite to eat without all the hassle of a sit-down restaurant: check out the international food court on the bottom floor of the Westfield/Bloomingdale’s Center (Market btw 4th and 5th). They have tons of gourmet food to go and a Bristol Farms with a great salad bar, cookies, etc. =).


  5. says

    Haha, I got yelled at once in San Fran’s Chinatown for touching some produce? I guess that’s also not always allowed. Or, maybe they thought I had dirty hands :)

    Enjoy San Fran!

  6. says

    Welcome to SF!
    I am glad you are enjoying it.
    Hope you get a chance to see more than Chinatown (which I love though) because there is so much more to see here.

    Stop by and come to see us if you can.

    Have a wonderful day in heaven:-)!

  7. says

    I’m glad you made it there okay. I have a love/hate relationship with SF. Yes, it has some fabulous restaurants and the Ferry Marketplace Building. But there are way too many people and not enough parking! LOL

  8. says

    If you have time and want to try some amazing ice cream, head to Bi-Rite creamery in the mission. Soo good. Saturday is the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s market too. Its amazing.

    I just bought blueberries 3 pints for 5.00. They’re from NJ. Produce prices here are very reasonable. Everything was so expensive when I was in FL in June.

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