Chicago Day 2

Hello from Chicago, where I’m sitting here typing and urging Fuzz to eat her room service bagel with cream cheese and fruit.  It’s overpriced, but we love, love, love room service because it’s yet another way to avoid getting dressed.


We arrived last night at Midway airport and used a car service to get to our hotel near Oak Street Beach.  If we’d had fewer bags and weren’t worried about the weather, we would have taken the Orange line, but we decided to make life easy and spend a few bucks on a sedan.  Luckily, rush hour traffic heading towards the city wasn’t bad.


Our hotel is called The Hilton Suites.  It used to be a Double Tree and has the typical Double Tree layout and furniture, but no cookies or free breakfasts.  Still, the service is great, the location (next door to the Hancock Building) is perfect and the views from our 29th floor window are pretty spectacular.  Fuzz’s bed is right next to a large window and she can look out at the city as she goes to sleep, which turned out to be pretty late last night as we checked in at 6:00, did some $hopping at American Girl $tore and ate dinner at Frontera, which was very good if not a bit loud.  They have a new air condition, so we were freezing.  But they fixed it after a few people complained.  It’s as lively and fun as usual.  Fuzz ordered the marinated skirt steak tacos and I had and a kids’ order of quesadillas, which turned out to be little fried puffs filled with Chihuaha cheese – definitely not your usual quesadillas.  In fact, I don’t think there was a flour tortilla in sight.  Fuzz loves dessert, but she’d eaten quite a bit of tortilla chips and suggested we buy candy at Walgreen’s and eat it later.  So we paid the check, walked from Frontera back to Michigan Avenue and stocked up on snacks for our hotel refrigerator.  That’s another advantage to Hilton Suites – along with it being divided into two rooms, you get a refrigerator and a microwave.


So last night was fun and we are ready to spend our second day running around town.  First on the list is the Art Institute. 


The bad news is, I forgot my camera battery and am having to take pictures with Fuzz’s digital camera which is not as spiffy as mine.  The really bad news is I brought the wrong cord and can’t load pictures onto the computer until we get home.  ARGH.


Let’s put it this way.  There are a lot of American Girl photos.  And you should see Samantha!  She looks like a new doll with her fancy ($15) hair cut and new outfit which matches Fuzz’s.  But I have to say, the quality of the American Girl human clothes seems pretty good.  Plus, they have some very stylist designs.  Speaking of which, Samantha’s cut-up bandana skirt was a hit with the ladies at the American Girl Salon.  They thought it was very cute and held it up and showed each other.  I was pretty proud of Fuzz.  It was a project runway moment.

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  1. says

    Haha, oh Anna, you make everything sound so hilarious when you describe your experiences – love it!! 😀 Glad that everything is going well so far, and that Fuzz enjoyed the American Girl Store, especially.

    Can’t wait to see the photographs when you can upload them at home!! 🙂

  2. says

    How fun! Glad you made it safe.
    Sounds like Fuzz order more of an adult meal (the skirt steak tacos) and your got quesadillas. Funny. Hey, sometimes I think the kids food looks better than what I get!
    Have a GREAT day!
    That’s one of the biggest reasons I wanted to have a girl, was to still be able to play with dolls! Sigh!

  3. Shannon says

    You may already know this….I linked to cakespy blog from your blog and read the July 27th post. That post contains a list of good bakeries in Chicago. I really enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. Rachel B. says

    I didn’t know that American Girl dolls could get haircuts! Wow! I do know that my nieces LOVE the American Girl store, though, and even my sister-in-law said that the afternoon tea they serve is pretty good.

  5. says

    I love your blog and I hope you’re enjoying Chicago! I have a food recommendation for you. Since you are right next to the Hancock building, you should go down to a small italian cafe called L’Appetito ( It has FANTASTIC paninis (for about $5.00 a piece, I suggest the Roma) and gelato and great cookies and italian desserts. It’s located near Jamba Juice and The Cheesecake Factory at the bottom of the tower.

  6. says

    American Girl dolls can get … haircuts? In a … salon? That just boggles my mind. I used to hack the hair off my Barbies for free!

  7. says

    I know right where you are, that’s fun! I ate at either Frontera Grill or Topolombopa (or however you spell it) for lunch, the day I got sworn in to the Illinois bar. Whichever one is the “cheap” option.

  8. says

    I remember my first trip to the American Girl store—I was a grown-up girl by the time it opened, but I’d had the Girls for years by then so it was still so special! Fuzz is so lucky to have a mom like you to take her on such a fun trip…

  9. says

    Hi Anna,
    Good to hear you’re having fun in Chicago so far. The weather is beautiful today here. This weekend is the Air & Water Show. I can see some of the Blue Angels from my house. I bet it will be really cool from downtown!
    Have fun!

  10. T. Martin says


    So glad you and Fuzz are having a blast thus far. And I’m really happy you were up for making this trip with her now that she is a little older.

  11. kelly says

    glad to read that you guys are having fun in chicago! (of course you are, it’s a great city…i live here haha). anyway, i’m not sure if you’ve set all your plans yet, but i definately suggest visiting the bean and millenium park if you haven’t yet. it’s so much fun to look up at your reflection and take pictures and play in the fountains.

    can’t wait to read your next post and hear about what other fun things you guys do!

  12. Janet says

    I feel like I am right there because you describe everything so thoroughly. Thanks for the update! Have fun!

  13. Rina says

    I love your humor Anna, you always keep me laughing. Don’t worry about the pictures, it just gives us something to look forward to!

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