Chicago — Day Before We Leave

I’m too tired to write much of a trip report, but I wanted to check in and say Fuzz and I are very sad to leave Chicago.  If we didn’t miss Todd, Lizzie and the cats so much, we’d extend our trip – especially now that we are at the Intercontinental which has the best hotel pool in the city.  Fuzz has gone swimming 3 times today – twice in the pool and once in Lake Michigan, where she swam under the blue skies with airplanes and jets doing maneuvers.  The Air and Water Show started today and while it was crowded (everyone wanted to see Bill Murray parachute out of a plane) the crowd was pretty mellow and well-behaved.   


We did a lot of walking and covered more territory than I’ve ever covered on a trip to Chicago.  Mostly, it was from getting lost in Lincoln Park on our way to meet my Josie who has a great blog called The Chicken Contests.  I wish we could have spent more time with her, but we seem to be bouncing from place to place and getting as much in as we can on this short trip.  And that goes for restaurants too.  We didn’t hit any bakeries, but we had two great meals.  Lunch was at a vegetarian place called Karyn’s Kitchen (Thanks Veggiegirl for recommending!) and Fuzz enjoyed a strawberry smoothie and a sloppy joe made with tofu.  I  had a really good salad with hempseeds.  We loved the food, though Fuzz was a bit over tired from the long day yesterday.   Dinner was at Café Spiaggia which is the sister restaurant to Spiaggia – one of the best Italian restaurants in the country.  We had a great meal there and the best olive oil I’ve ever had in my life.  I’m too tired and full to write about food, so bye for now.


I’m looking forward to getting back to the kitchen.  Sam from Becks & Posh told me about a great cookie made with cocoa nibs and buckwheat.  I might make it this weekend to get back in Cookie Madness mode.

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  1. says

    It’s always bittersweet for me to leave Chicago as well, so I understand. So glad that your trip went well though; and hooray for the Karyn’s Cooked restaurant!! 🙂

  2. says

    I can’t believe that Cookie Madness was so close! We live a block south of Karyn’s (in fact, we frequent the park across the street from Karyn’s on a daily basis!) it’s a great place. So good to hear you’re having fun in Chicago!

  3. judi0044 says

    Wondered if you were staying the weekend after I read of the masses who would be in Chicago for the 50th annual air & water show in this weekend’s USA Today. Last time I tried to fly in for the weekend there was a Dr. convention and there was not a room to be found. I even tried B & B’s north of the city. They had the entire city tied up – darn. Glad you had fun and catch up on some rest so you can return to baking!

  4. says

    I’m always sad to leave Chicago, too, although I hate the traffic when the Air & Water Show is going on. Glad you had fun.

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