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    I went on a kick trying to use up a lot of condensed milk. Usually I just make fudge. I started adding to everything that had milk – the best was mac n cheese.

  2. Heather D says

    Mmmmm Really good Mac n cheese sounds so good. Its cloudy, wet & kind of cold here right now (MN) That really sounds good. Heidi, you should share your recipe?

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    Ok, I made the mistake I always make and got evaporated and condensed milk confused. Condensed milk would not taste good in mac n cheese!

    Heather – my mac n cheese really isn’t a recipe. I just make a bechamel, add in defrosted pureed butternut squash (to get veggies in my son), then add in whatever cooked pasta and cheese I have hanging around.

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    We made some tasty “Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars” earlier in the year for treat day with the sweetened condensed milk that went over quite well!

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    Well, I never got around to making anything creative with the condensed milk. Instead, I just made a half batch of Magic Cookie Bars. I used butterscotch chips and chocolate chips and thought they were a little too sweet. No one else complained, though!

    Karen, that is an interesting blog you linked to. As for the recipe, it sounds really, really good. I didn’t have all those ingredients on hand, though. It’s going in the “save” pile.

    Heidi, your Mac & Cheese recipe sounds similar to the one Todd English made on Martha Stewart. He used butternut squash too.

    Dani, I’m going to have reading your blog! Hopefully, I can steal a recipe or two ;).

    Kathy, the little Hug cookies are creative. I would have had to buy Hugs, though. Still — they are a good use of extra condensed milk.

    CC, thanks for the Brigadeiro story. Those are too cute!

    Joe, the almost candy bars are, I believe, Dorie Greenspan’s rendition of Revel bars. I almost made Revel bars but wanted to make something more unique. Then of course, I ended up making dumb old Magic Cookie Squares. Oh well.

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