Lizzie Photo

I am going to make an awesome cookie today. That is, if I find one.

We have a lot going on this morning, including a trip to the vet where Lizzie will be getting her third round of shots and a nice claw-trimming. I wish they could trim her teeth.

Here’s the latest photo of Lizzie. I pretty much always call her “Lizard”.

This photo makes her look serious, but she’s really a big goof.


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  1. says

    Judy, I am using http//

    It’s great! It’s cheaper than Photoshop and easy to use. You can sign on for free, but I highly recommend going with the pro version which is something like $25 a year…..a bargain. I really love it. I learned about it at BlogHer.

  2. Gayle says

    That’s funny :o)

    My daughter had a friend whose name was Lizzie and my husband would always call her lizard. Cute picture.

  3. Janet says

    Could she be any cuter!?! I bet you all are loving having her in your family. She looks like Ms Personality! Enjoy your day! And oh YES, I am looking forward to your cookie recipe!!

  4. Flssgrl says

    Love the Lizzie pic she is so cute…and I totally get what you mean about the teeth….puppy teeth are a killer! Maybe one day you should make dog cookies…if you have not already….and I mean edible by dogs…for all us dog lovers!

  5. Sue says

    Awwwww. She’s so cute!!
    I meant to thank you for posting about the macadamia nuts the other day. I didn’t know that about dogs and macadamia nuts!

    Since you didn’t have a cookie posted yet today I looked at Martha’s cookie of the day. Her no bake cookie for today looks pretty tasty. I might try it if I can find a substitution for the chocolate wafers she recommends.

    Hope you had a non-eventful, not too expensive trip to the vet!


  6. Lynne Laino says

    She’s just too cute! You’re just a wealth of information – I’ve been telling everyone I know about dogs and macadamia nuts and absolutely no one knew about it – you’ve really done a service (and I don’t even have a dog!). I just registered for Picnik too – and told my 16 year old – he says it must be really new because everyone is using it and he registered this morning (always a step ahead of me!).
    Big congrats on your great Domino win – what a great sounding cookie.

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