Friday Afternoon Cookies Are…



A few days ago I (very impulsively) signed Fuzz up to be an extra in a TV show being filmed in a town an hour away. By default I have to be in it too.  Normally, that would be fine, but the scene involves a rodeo and Fuzz and I have to take 4 different “rodeo” style outfits.  That’s a total of 8 rodeo style outfits between the two of us and I started off with none.  Creating rodeo outfits out of nothing plus searching for size 2 ½ “No Logo!” tennis shoes has kept me out of the kitchen. 


Hopefullly I can write about our adventure tomorrow, but I’m not sure how that works in terms of confidentiality agreements and whatnot.  So if I don’t write about it, you’ll know why. 

Yee haw.


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