FYI Austin Central Market South Shoppers — Carol’s Cookies

I don’t shop at CMS much these days, but I took a stroll through the store this past weekend and found Carol’s Cookies on sale in the bakery.
The packaging is a bit strange. Instead of being wrapped in paper or plastic, Central Market has them unwrapped and packaged individually in large plastic containers. I’d understand if they were trying to make it look as if they themselves had made the cookies, but the plastic containers have a Carol’s Cookies sticker attached.

Maybe Carol ships them the dough and they bake the cookies in back. (?) Not sure.

I should have bought one do I could take a picture and try to clone it. Maybe I’ll do that today.

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  1. says

    Hey Rita, that’s what I was going to say! Except the broken open one doesn’t look quite as underbaked. Have you tried them, Anna? Are they $4 per cookie, too-like Levains?

  2. says

    Rita, I was planning to make your giant cookie. However, I think I will go buy a Carol’s cookie so I’ll have something to compare it to.

    Katrina, I think the cookies were a little over $2.00. I’ll let you know soon.

  3. Rachel says

    ooo, ooo, ooo! I discovered Carol’s Cookies earlier this year during a visit to the Chicago area. I tried to clone them, but with no luck; I’m not sure the ingredients are really listed on the label in their order of proportion.

    I tried the toffee-chocolate chip kind in a sampling event at Whole Foods–otherwise, never would have thought of spending $3-4 for a pre-wrapped cookie. They were really good, though, especially with the white chocolate fondue that was also being sampled. 🙂

    The texture struck me as somewhat shortbread-like, with a bit of crumbliness but more of a chocolate-chip cookie flavor.

  4. says

    Well, I got delayed and waylaid and couldn’t leave the house. I’ll try to get the cookie later. I did make some good lemon squares, though!

    Rachel, the fact that they’re shortbread like makes me wonder if they either a) used less egg or b) mixed the flour with the butter first (coating the flour particles with fat like you would with pie crust) then mixed in the other ingredients.

  5. Pamela M says

    Flour question for you… what kinds of flour do you regularly keep in stock? I primarily make cookies and other sweets, and I’ve nearly run out of my usual unbleached AP flour and white whole wheat flour. Now I’m wondering if I should venture into cake flour and whole wheat pastry flour and bread flour or just stick with my old standbys.

  6. says

    Hi Pamela,

    I usually use all-purpose unbleached flour. For problematic cookies (ones likely to go flat) I use bleached, as bleached flour tends to help cookies stay puffy. I also use bleached for some cakes. But mostly, I use all-purpose.

    I keep white whole wheat flour on hand for heartier cookies or things like muffins.

    Cake flour and whole wheat pastry flour are two flours I use only when a recipe specifically cals for them.

  7. Marie says

    I looked at her site and discovered the sell them at the Whole Foods near my house. I usually don’t look for cookies because I always bake them myself and think I do a better job. 😉 I’ll definitely check them out this week. What flavor did you get? I’m not usually a sugar cookie person, but the one on her site looked awesome.

  8. Rachel says

    I think I tried cutting in the butter just as you suggested, actually, but somehow they came out totally wrong. Kind of like a cookie flattened by a sledgehammer! Again, I think the proportions that I guessed from the label were off.

    After that, I sort of gave up & figured I’d have to content myself with buying one next time I’m in the Chicago area . . .

  9. Sarah says

    My husband’s work gets Carol’s cookies sent to them every year for Christmas. They may be the best cookies I have ever tasted. I have seen some at AJ’s Fine Foods but they are not nearly as good as the cookies that are shipped directly to your home. If you get the chance I would try some. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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