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Gwyneth Paltrow’s first GOOP newsletter showed up in my mailbox today. She doesn’t eat sugar, but I have to say, the recipes sound good.

One recipe is a turkey ragu which looks excellent on paper. The second recipe is a no-sugar banana muffin made with maple syrup and brown rice syrup. So technically, they do have sugar….just not table sugar.

Hey, I am open to sugar in ANY form so bring it on.

I think you have to subscribe to the newsletter to get the recipes, so I can’t link to them.

P.S. Sorry I didn’t post a recipe today. I took the day off and spent time with Lizzie at the dog park

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  1. says

    i was so excited when i got the newsletter in my email! gwyneth seems really down to earth and mom-ish. haha those muffins sound really good, and even though i’m a vegan, that turkey ragu probably wouldn’t last long at my house either.

  2. says

    Joanna, I was going to suggest making it with TVP or soy crumbles, but after re-reading the recipe, I just don’t think it would be the same. Turkey is the way to go. The only problem is, it’s sometimes difficult to find really fresh ground turkey. Maybe I’ve been buying the wrong brands, but I’ve found it to be hit or miss to the point where I don’t trust it. Sometimes ground turkey has a skeevy off taste.

  3. Michelle says

    If your meat counter has turkey breast in the case you can ask that they grind it up for you. Usually fresher than the super cryovac sealed version! Dark meat chicken works too, and you can just pulse it in your food processor to grind it.

  4. says

    Michelle, I’ll give that a try. For some reason, I never thought about asking them to grind up turkey. I’m sure they will do it if they have some back there.

    Unfortunately, I don’t like dark meat chicken. I wish I did because it’s cheaper and easier to cook, but I don’t care for the flavor. I’ll definitely see what the butcher can do for me.

  5. says

    A blog I found recently has so many good things, like it sounds like Gweneth does. She has a banana muffin that also has no sugar and I made them recently for my son’s preschool snack. The kids LOVED them and the teacher had me give them the recipe.
    Love this gal’s blog. You gotta look it over if you’ve never seen it.
    Now I gotta go see the GOOP Newsletter.

  6. says

    Oh, and Anna, I made the Apple Crumb Bars yesterday and they are SOOOOO good. The gal’s I shared them with thought so too.
    I also made the molten lava cookies, but think I overbaked them just a tad (I did 12 minutes as the recipes says, but our ovens must be different. Start checking them at like 8 min.) They are good, though.

  7. says

    Katrina, glad you liked the Apple Crumb Bars. Personally, I think the Chocolate Shock Cookies are better than the Molten Lava Cookie.

    Thanks so much for the Greenlite blog link. I scanned it and loved what I saw. Those are the types of foods Fuzz loves.

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