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A few days ago, while loitering about the school, a staff member whose name I didn’t get asked me if I was the woman who won the Bake-Off a few years back. “That was me.” I told her. “Great!” She said. “Because now you can tell me the name of that dessert you brought to Teacher Appreciation last year.” Then she went on to describe it.

S: It was a cake with blueberries and pudding…the cake was very light.

Me: (thinks for a second) Are you sure it was something I brought? It doesn’t ring a bell

S: Well, I asked who brought it and was told it was you. It was so good…almost like a Boston Cream Pie but…

Me: Did it have a glaze?

S: No, it didn’t need one….it had this pudding. It was light like a sponge cake.

Me: But with blueberries in it?

S: Yes, blueberries. Definitely.

Now I’m baffled. I searched my own blog for past teacher appreciation goodies, and the only thing I could come up with was blueberry oatmeal bars. I’m thinking maybe this nice lady asked who made the blueberry dessert and someone mistakenly thought she meant my oatmeal blueberry bars….which are in no way like pudding or light cake.

Whatever it is she was describing sounds so good! Any ideas as to what it could be? I’m impressed that someone found this dessert memorable enough to enquire about a year later.

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  1. says

    It must have been really good! There’s this recipe of cake-flan kind of thing, where you make a cake batter and a flan, bake them together and they separate in 2 layers, making a very moist cake on the bottom and a flan on top (when inverted). Could be similar to this? With blueberries? ;(

  2. says

    Rita, that’s funny the cake mix/flan recipe came up. I’m sure your version is more sophisticated. However, that one is quite popular!

    BB, I think you are on to something! It seems likely that someone in my peer group would choose her/his recipe off And the recipe you linked to sounds similar to what was described. I am going to have to try this. This might be the one — although it doesn’t seem very Boston Cream Pie – ish.

    Kris, thanks for the link! If you like it, that means it’s good. I don’t think people in my area would bring Cooking Light recipes to a teacher function, though. If I did a demographic survey, I think I live amongst sort of folks.

  3. Dawn says

    I wonder if it was the blueberry-lemon bars you posted about on June 25, 2008? You indicated that the recipe was inspired by “The Leavening Agent” and included a link, in which you commented that they sound like a “blueberry sour cream pie that you put into bar form.” Could that be it? I love your blog and really enjoy all of the cookies you have inspired me to bake!!

  4. T. Martin says


    I sympathize with you on this one which has happened to me a few times in the past. Each time I have eventually figured out what I made but it takes quite a bit of memory jogging. Sometimes people’s descriptions aren’t the best and sometimes I just don’t remember baking something…which means I’ve been baking too much, if there is such a thing.

  5. HeartofGlass says

    Memory is imperfect, especially about food–also because you’re such a talented baker, I’m willing to bet that the teachers assume all good baked goods come from your kitchen!

    I know I’m just a random Internet person who makes your easier brownie and chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter recipes, but I wanted to say that my thoughts and prayer are with all of you in Texas, no matter where you are and what the effects of the storm may be. Y’all are tough down there! (That’s a Yankee trying to pretend she hasn’t lived in England and the American Northeast for most of her life).

  6. says

    Dawn, at first I thought it might the lemon blueberry bars, but those came along after the teacher’s appreciation. There’s a chance someone else could have made them using FC’s original recipe, but it’s unlikely. She didn’t describe the dessert as being lemony.

    T., maybe should start a blog! Having a blog helps me look things up from the past. However, in this case, I’m not finding what I need.

    Heart of Glass, thanks! I feel like commenters are friends rather than random Internet people :). We homemade cookie-crazy people have to stick together. It’s Saturday and all we have here is a little wind. It’s the people near the coast who are tough! I’m trying to keep track of the storm today and thinking good thoughts for them.

  7. Megan says

    There’s a recipe called novia scotia blueberry cake on all recipes. It sounds like what you are describing.

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