The Sky and Cookies

First off, here’s a picture of the sky right now. Hurricane? What hurricane?


It’s literally the calm before the storm and I feel a bit unsettled. We don’t expect anything more than heavy wind and slight rain at our house, but the arrival of evacuees and impending disaster near the coast has got me down.

It’s these kinds of days when I turn to my default cookie, chocolate chip. To liven things up, I decided to try a new one….one with the word “Ultimate” in it.

This recipe is from Southern Living. At first glance, it looks a lot like the Toll House recipe, but it has slightly more flour and less butter. The cookies were fine. I can’t say they were outstanding and definitely not ultimate. The flavor was good, though. They’re a little too chewy and more cakey than I prefer….but not bad. I’d make them again.

How’s that for a confusing review? It’s almost as confusing as the reviewer on Southern Living who said they were on her “Favorites” list but gave them 3 out of 5 stars. I need a second opinion. Sometimes I’ve overly critical with cookies.

chocolate chip cookies

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  1. says

    You’re so funny. I’ve never understood weird ratings like that either. These cookies almost look like the moist, end caps of whoopie pies. And by moist, end caps, I mean the outside cake. I shouldn’t have mentioned whoopie pies. Now I want one! haha either way, these look divine!

  2. says

    Enjoy the lovely weather for me – it’s FLOODING here!!

    I rarely trust the reviews on those sites, since a lot of people will say wonderful things about a recipe, but then give it 2 stars or something.

  3. says

    I’ve been wondering how Austin would be impacted by the hurricane. Glad you’ll only have to endure heavy rains there. The situation is really sad and disturbing, isn’t it?

    Chocolate chip are just what I reach for when in need of comfort. Yesterday, when I heard my Houston show was cancelled, I baked some peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies. They were ok, but not the greatest. Your cookies look beautiful and enticing, even if they’re not up there with the very best.

  4. says

    It has rained here (Kansas) all week. Soccer practices and games have been cancelled and well, my house is a mess (from the kids being indoors more). I’m sure we’ll get more rain to come from Ike as well. I baked today, too! (Surprise)
    I just posted some REALLY yummy malt and peanut butter cookies on my blog! My take on Dorie’s Malted Whopper Drops.

    Yeah, these ccc’s you’ve made look just okay. But I do like mine a little more “puffy” and gooey and crisp and….but you’re right they don’t look bad and I’m sure they don’t taste bad, they ARE ccc’s! The place I distrust reviews the most is probably Allrecipes. For years that was almost the only place I’d go to for recipes, but have often been not-too-pleased with results, even though the recipes have good reviews. I only ever make a 4 star or higher recipe from that site.

    Better get ready for boys to walk in the door from school any second now!

  5. Carrie Farmer says

    I am seriously craving a choc. chip cookie while we weather the storm here in Houston! I would have made a batch tonight, but I didn’t want to heat up the house with the oven on if we’re going to be without AC soon. I did make some delish sugar cookies yesterday. The recipe is from my favorite bakery in town- scroll down this page for “iced sugar cookies”

  6. Priscilla says

    Hi Anna, I looked up that issue of SL because I tried that recipe back in 2005. My notes said “too cakey and not like picture”. So I guess I agree with you on this one.

    I sympathize with all you folks in Texas and am glad it won’t be too bad where you live.

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