Update on Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies

Yesterday I said I thought the raspberry cookies were on the sweet side. Well, in all fairness to the cookies, I need to say that I’ve developed some sort of head cold and believe my sense of smell was impaired. It’s better this morning, but yesterday my taste receptors (mainly “sweet”) were doing all the work and my smell receptors (everything else) were slacking off. So all I got out of the cookies was sweetness.

Todd tried the cookies after dinner and loved them. I’d make them again for that reason alone! He doesn’t usually like cookies.

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    Wait: you are the Queen of Cookies, and your husband doesn’t like them? How are you not 500 pounds if you don’t have his help eating them? Actually…I bet Fuzz gets to take them to school.

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    I bake cookies almost daily and my husband could live without them, too. Crazy Men! Glad Todd liked them and that you like them better today!
    Someone asked my husband what his favorite cookies are that I make, since I make so many and he really had to think and came up with Snickerdoodles. I haven’t made those for a LONG time. Guess it’s about time–his birthday is Sunday!

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    My daughter is the same way.

    They don’t hate cookies, they’re just not that into them. They’d rather have steak…..or ice cream.

    But Todd did like these.

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    It’s not that I don’t like cookies, I just don’t have a compulsive need to bake three batches of them a day. :)

    These were very good. Unless Fuzz gets to them first, there will be two left for me to enjoy after dinner.

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