1. Karen says

    Looks wonderful – I love Braeburn apples but I don’t think I’ve used them in a pie – can’t wait to hear your report on this one. Sorry about the dishes. Hope you get your new machine soon.

  2. Jackie says

    It looks delicious. I love apple pie in the fall. I have been craving pie but I am too lazy to make one.

  3. says

    uhh looks absolutely amazing. i’ve never made a real pie before. just the kind where you get a crust from the grocery store, a little jello pudding mix, and there you go… a pie. haha

  4. Sue says

    That looks like it was completely worth it! I’ve had apple pie on my mind lately. I’ve been settling for apples and cinnamon in my oatmeal.

  5. says

    Well, I just cut into the pie. This is probably the best pie crust I’ve ever made! I use Eagle Mills a lot and thought the crust would be fine — at least *as good* as others crusts if not a little wheaty tasting. The crust, while flavorful, had a very, very mild wheat taste and a delicious light and flaky texture.

    The filling was good too, but I was really impressed with the crust.

  6. says

    Looks de-lish! Glad you liked it.
    Posted my first TWD recipe. YUM! and fun–but also a lot of work. Need to not save the baking until Monday afternoon for Tuesday’s posts!
    The pie looks so good. Will we see an inside photo?

  7. Colette says

    hey…can I just say I happened upon your blog during the summer and it has inspired me to get back into the kitchen! I have followed your blog religiously and I am now churning out some pretty good desserts which my friends, family and waistline all thank you for (lol) keep up the good work!! xxx

  8. Sharon says

    Anna, just a quick question for you – why do i see margarine in a lot of pie crust receipes vs. butter. Do you know how they affect the crust – does it make a difference to use one over the other? Thanks 😉

  9. says

    Sharon, I NEVER use margarine. If they can prove to me that trans-fats don’t kill people, then I will use it. Right now, it’s the one ingredient that scares me. This doesn’t apply to trans-fat free margarine. I think margarines in other countries don’t use the same type of fat.

    So anyway. I can’t really answer that question because I don’t use margarine anymore. When I did use it, I noticed it made things softer. I wish I could still use it because in combination with butter, it’s great for getting certain desired textures, but I won’t use it until they fix the trans-fat situation.

  10. Jeanie says

    Wow! I’ve been a lurker here for quite some time but have never commented. This pie has brought me out of my shell. Ha! Get it, pie… shell? Sorry…

    Anyway, I can never make a decent crust but this one sounds fantastic. I’m with the anti-margarine crowd though and am curious if anyone has made this crust with butter instead of marg.

  11. says

    Mmmmm. That looks delicious.

    I may have to resume my quest to make the perfect apple pie this year. Here’s my problem: the first time I ever made an apple pie from scratch (crust included), it turned out perfectly. Ever since, every single pie I have made has sucked. Either the crust hasn’t worked out or the filling has been watery. SO FRUSTRATING. I am pie-challenged.

  12. Chris C-L says

    Did you use all shortening or substitute butter for margarine?

    I made an apple pie last week and tossed a hand-full of the caramel baking pieces into it. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

  13. says

    Well Anna – if the pie turns out to be a bust – don’t worry – I’ll gladly take it off your hands. I mean I wouldn’t want you to sit with anything that might even be remotely disappointing (wink wink)

  14. Yev says

    Hey Anna,

    I love your website! I was just wondering where you got this brand of flour? I live in Rhode Island and I have been scouring the stores around here but I cannot find it anywhere! I really really want to try this Ultragrain stuff because I am using whole wheat flour right now and I need a better substitute for pastries, etc. White whole wheat is OK but still doesn’t quite do the trick, I think.

    Can I get this online?? I can’t seem to find a way to acquire it.

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