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    Oh no!! This is terrible! My husband, dad and father in law all LOVE Mother’s cookies. I’m so glad you post this because I’m going to have to stock up on a few! 🙂

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    Such a tragedy! There are a couple other brands that make iced animal cookies, Archway and others, but Mother’s are/were the best!
    Do you think we bakers and copycats have anything to do with it, or is the world just too health conscience? Hmmm. Sad, but it’s not going to stop me in the kitchen! 😉

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    One thing I noticed was Motherss never reformulated the cookies to remove trans-fats. I used to love the Taffy Sandwich cookies, but I stopped eating them when I learned how bad trans-fats were. Every so often I’d check the label to see if they’d reformulated them, but they hadn’t.

  4. Sue says

    The article on Mother’s mentioned that Archway has also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It’s sad that so many people will be without jobs. I’ve never been one to purchase store bought cookies with the exception of Oreos, but I still feel bad to know that these companies are going under.

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    I used to love these cookies, especially the waxy coating on the outside. 🙂
    Even though they’re not good for you, I’m tempted to run out and buy a bunch.

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    Awwww. I like Archway too. My mom used to keep the small packages hidden in the drawer next to her bed. I pretended not to know ;).

    Emiline, I think you should be the one to clone Circus Animals.

  7. Kit says

    This makes me so sad. I love the circus animals. They are the best store bought cookies. *pouts*

  8. julie says

    I just came back from stocking up on Cookie Parade and Circus animals after reading this. The circus animal bag has a yellow banner on the front that says 0% trans fat free. Must be new – A little too late though 🙁

  9. Carrie says

    This is so wrong. I am sad. I love these cookies and I don’t have any funds to go buy some for a good bye indulgence until next week. Hopefully there will still be some left on the shelves.

  10. Sad Cookie lover says

    Better stock up now. I went out this morning and stocked up on 20 bags of circus animals, taffy’s and english tea. Some stores we went to already had empty shelves. This is in Southern CAlifornia. 🙁

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    I just saw some Halloween-themed ones yesterday. Shoulda picked those up!!

    You know Anna, we’re going to be counting on YOU to create a copycat recipe of these delicious little cookies 🙂

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