1. Jenine says

    Was Lizzie spayed and microchipped? My guess from the pictures. Hope she’s feeling better soon.

  2. Carole R. says

    Poor baby. Velcro tells Lizzie that she will be back to her usual playful self in a few das

  3. Mary says

    Thank you for spaying Lizzie, Anna. I wish more people would follow your example. I’ve never written here but your site is the first one I visit every morning. Your writing and recipes make me happy. Thanks for doing what you do. Feel better, Lizzie!!

  4. Rachel B says

    Lizzy looks like she feels a lot like Max did after he got neutered . . . when he could walk, he staggered around like a drunken sailor, but most of the time he hardly moved.

    My husband said, “What have we done to our dog?!” Fortunately, within about three days, Max seemed to have pretty much forgotten about the whole thing. We were greatly relieved . . .

  5. says

    That is pitiful and yet that second picture is hilarious at the same time. Yay for you for spaying your dog! Yay for no sad stories of unwanted Lizzie puppies! What a nicer place this world would be if all people would take this one simple step to prevented unwanted animals.

  6. says

    Awww, poor Lizzie! Our Emma was trying to jump on the couch again within a couple days, so I’m sure Lizzie is already feeling normal again too =)

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