Melissa’s Granola

When I was little, there was only one type of granola in my world and that was CW Post. Now, there are a million brands of granola and you can buy it at just about any grocery store. Even Target sells granola — more than 6 different types last time I counted, and some of it’s pretty good.   The best types of granola are from bakeries and Farmer Markets, but even those can’t beat the granola you make at home. Melissa’s Granola is yet another good version.

This recipe is from a blog called Artisan Bread in Five. It gets all its sweetness from maple syrup and honey and doesn’t call for any brown sugar, which typically yields a more candy-like granola. So if you like less-sweet granola, this recipe is for you. One warning. The granola is baked at 350F which is a pretty high temp for granola. If you are diligent about checking every 8-10 minutes, you won’t burn it. I made a half batch and it was done in 22 minutes.

Here’s a photo. I had to leave out the sunflower and sesame seeds, but I did have some shaved unsweetened coconut (aka coconut chips) from Whole Foods that worked very well. I think I’m going to put coconut chips in all my granola…it’s much better than the shredded sweetened type.

Summary: Good granola, less sweet, less sticky, a bit more wholesome. Next time I will add the sesame and sunflower seeds.

Melissa's Granola

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  1. Sue says

    I need to try this! It looks great. Do you know of a handy way to calculate nutritional information? It seems like there should be software for such a task. Does anyone know of something good for that?

  2. says

    Sue: I use Big Oven to save recipes and it also calculates nutritional data. I think you can try it for free and the basic version used to be about $10. I upgraded to deluxe. I use it a lot!

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