Pat’s Chocolate Chip Bars — Fresh Test

On Sunday I posted Pat’s recipe for chocolate chip cookie bars — a recipe she recommended to me when I asked her for a recipe that keeps well.

The bar cookies tasted great on day one, but just to be sure, I wrapped them in plastic wrap and put the individually wrapped bars in an air-tight freezer bag (but not in the freezer).

Today, I took one out to see what it would taste like 4 1/2 days later and it was very good. So if you are looking for something to ship, I recommend Pat’s bars. Also, don’t skimp on the chocolate and nuts because one reason they still taste fresh is because there’s such a high proportion of chocolate and chocolate doesn’t spoil quickly. So even if the dough were terrible (which it’s not) it still acts as a good vehicle for chocolate. So use good chocolate, pack these with nuts, and you’re set.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar

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  1. says


    These look so yummy! I am going to make them tonight. I think they would be a great item to bake a little ahead of time in the holiday madness and save for later.

    Thanks to you, and Pat, for the recipe! 🙂

  2. Annette says

    These are really rich. I would use 1/2 cup less chips next time. I had a ridge around the edge and would try to rectify that.

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