Sweet Places

I’m busy stuffing goodie bags and frosting cupcakes for a kiddie Halloween party, so today’s treat is going to be a little late.

For now, I wanted to point out a new page on Cookie Madness. Since people liked the cookie tour info, I’ve stared a list of places with excellent sweets. Most, but not all, are bakeries. The page is at the top of my banner and is called Sweet Places. If you’d like to add a sweet place to the list, send it to me via email. Hopefully, the list will grow!  Update:  It didn’t grow. I  got tired of maintaining it and deleted it.

goodie bags

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  1. says

    MK, yes. Kids love Fancy Feast! It’s a good protein source too. I like to give them something to balance out the sugar.

  2. Debbi says

    Hi Anna,
    First,let me say how much I LOVE your website. It’s the first thing I check each morning to see what deliciousness you have concocted. I wanted to add a place to your sweet places collection (well, it’s not really a place, but a website I found after reading an article in the paper.) I am fascinated by it, and its many takes on one of my favorite things, Rice Krispie Treats.You can find it at http://www.krispydips.com. I am going to attempt to clone their pumpkin version as soon as our current heat wave breaks. I will let you know if I succeed!

  3. says

    H Debbie,

    Thanks for the nice comment and for telling me about Krispy Dips. What an interesting idea.

    Have you tried their products yet? I know you are going to clone them, but I need your or somebody to sample the goods before we add them to the list ;).

    I have a feeling they are the best rice krispie treats ever.

  4. says

    I just want to laugh and point out the box of Fancy Feast among your Halloween treats. I hope you aren’t going those to the kids! haha

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