1. Therese B. says

    Well, I am glad that is taken care of!

    Is there a possibility of posting the big fat CC cookie you were taunting us with???? I am waiting very patiently with my baking pans and chocolate chips.

    p.s. patience is not one of my best virtues!

  2. Sharon says

    Anna, is there a possiblilty that you could find a a really good french silk pie receipe? Remember Baker’s Square’s? I don’t think they exist anymore, but was craving a slice–used to get them when I was little. Boy, did I have a nice mom to take me to crisco-margerine land!! :))

  3. Jennifer says

    Hooray for allrecipes! I love that site and actually have their cookie cookbook and it’s pretty good.

  4. Sharon says

    Thanks Anne! I don’t need a whole pie, but I would love to be able to make one once – not very good for you, I ‘m sure!
    Thanks again and have a great weekend 😉

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