$3,000 “Kickin’ Christmas Confetti” Bar Cookies

Good Morning Saturday Cookie Madness readers,

I have an interesting recipe for you, but you’re going to have to work to get it. And by that I mean get to the page where it’s located, as I’m not ready to make any changes or adapt it and post it here. It’s a $3,000 prize winner so it’s best to follow it to the letter….or so you’d think. 

The recipe is from one of my favorite recipe sources “Texas Co-op Power Magazine”. If you live in Texas and are part of an electric co-op, it might have been in your mailbox yesterday. For those not part of a Texas electric co-op, here’s a PDF file of the current issue. You’ll have to scroll through the magazine until you get to the section with the recipe for “Kickin’ Christmas Confetti” which includes a small article about the lady who came up with the recipe and a few other winners such as Fig Bars, Cowboy Pie and a recipe using shrimp.

If you decide “Kickin’ Christmas Confetti” is not for you, check out their recipe archives.

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  1. Laurel says

    I used to check out the PDFs of the magazine all the time (I’m sure I must have heard about it from this blog; how else would this Minnesotan know about a Texas Co-op Power Magazine?)

    Do you have the cookbook, Anna? I’ve always been tempted.


  2. says

    Laurel, I still don’t have the cookbook. Maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas.

    Doris, I’m pretty sure biscuit or any other baking mix would work. Just make sure you use the same amount.

  3. Barbara Hahn says

    Pioneer mix was one of the things I missed most of all when I moved from Texas 25 years ago. Now almost all my favorite Texas ingredients are local here in Missouri, except my favorite Blue Bell ice cream. It’s in MO, just not anywhere near St. Louis. Blue Bell has specific rules for distribution as they deliver it to locations themselves. My husband and I wanted a sell Blue Bell in MO right after we moved here, but that small business we never to be.

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