Cookie Recipes U.S. Presidents Enjoyed

Lisa Gutierrez wrote an interesting item on Presidential cookies.

Cookie Recipes U.S. Presidents Enjoyed

The chocolate chip cookie in the photo (second one from bottom in stack of cookies) looks crunchy and delicious. I wish it called for real butter, though.

(P.S. — Sorry the link didn’t work earlier. It’s fixed.)

UPDATE:  The links to this article keep changing.  If you want to dig it up, just Google “Lisa Gutierrez” president cookies and you’ll get a few different articles with recipes.

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    Hey Anonymous Commenter!

    Thanks for that suggestion. I completely forgot about Earth Balance shortening. I use their buttery sticks when I’m making vegan cookies, but I forgot that they made a non-hydrogenated shortening. I will pick some up at the store.

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    they’re all great recipes and definitely worth trying. I’m wondering – if I make them, will someone pay me a presidential salary?

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