Cookie Round-Up

Did you know that wine may help prevent tooth decay? An Italian study suggests that white and red wines are effective in controlling the growth of various strains of streptococci, a bacteria involved in tooth decay and upper respiratory infections. I mention this because I spent all morning at the dentist and had no cavities.

So anyway, I don’t have a cookie yet and because as soon as I got back from the dentist, I started in on another project that I must finish before hitting the kitchen. So for now, here are some cookie recipes from other blogs…..ones that caught my eye or that I was thinking about today.

Red Wine Cookies – I tested these a while back and they were fabulous! The wine is a good addition and interesting conversation piece. If you need some cookies floating around during your Thanksgiving feast….something different than pumpkin and pecan pie, I suggest red wine cookies. They’re actually called Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies but the wine is what makes them interesting.

Katrina made some huge Molten Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

McCormick made some Frosted Gingerbread Bars which look a lot like Cranberry Bliss Bars without the cranberries, orange peel, white chocolate or crystallized ginger. It’s a recipe worth playing with.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy won an award for his Cranberry Crunch Cookies.  Woo hoo!

Smitten Kitchen posted some good looking Chocolate Toffee Cookies.  I like that they appear kind of crunchy, because soft cookies with bits of hard toffee don’t do anything for me.

Did I miss any? Yes! A ton! I get frustrated this time of year because there are so many new and great cookie recipes and I don’t have the time to bake them all. I end up reverting to chocolate chip.

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  1. says

    So I’m guessing you’re drinking a lot of wine then, miss no cavities! The other day I had some leftover red wine and I actually thought about doing the red wine cookies I’ve seen here, but then I ended up using it on lasagna. I’ll make them another time…

  2. says

    I’ve been drinking a glass every night with dinner lately. I think I’m going to cut down to Thur. Fri. Sat. Sun.. I’ll save money and buy better wine. I may get a bunch of cavities, though!

  3. says

    Thanks for the linky shout out on the Molten Lava Choc. Chip Cookies! They are/no were a great dessert/treat! Next time you made ccc’s, pop some dough in a ramekin and hide something inside. Yummy!
    Thanks for all the other cookie links.
    I made OCG’s Cranberry Crunch cookies yesterday! Yummy! They are good!

  4. says

    here are few wine tips:

    2005 Cameron Hughes Napa Valley Meritage (62% Merlot, 38% Cab Sav). Inky color. Nose of ripe blackberry with chocolaty oak notes and hints of cassis. About $12

    2006 Corrina Rayment “Revolution” Shiraz (South Australia, McLaren Vale). Allow it to breath a bit. Fruit forward, big on blackberry backed up with some black pepper. About $18

    2006 Beringer Chardonnay Napa Valley Private Reserve. Rich and complex. I had it with some turkey. About $30.

  5. Therese B. says

    Yes..drink (red) wine. It is good for your heart health and skin. A glass at dinner is what I do. As far as the discoloration on teeth….brush/floss after meals and at bedtime, see your dentist for cleaning and use Crest classic white strips (the cheapest in the Crest line of whiteners). If you do this you will not have teeth stains.

    I have not had an issue with the teeth discoloration. My dentist compliments my teeth everytime I go in for my visit.

  6. Kiersten says

    I always get frustrated around this time of year too. No matter how many different kinds of Christmas cookies I make…there are at least a dozen more recipes I wish I could have tried. I say we extend Christmas cookie baking through Valentine’s Day!

  7. says

    Gina, that explains a lot. SK’s adapted version looks quite different than the Bon Appetit cookies….so different I didn’t even recognize the recipe.

    I LOVE that Bon Appetit recipe, but I usually leave out the toffee because I’ve developed this weird aversion to crisp toffee in soft cookies. I was excited about SK’s recipe because her photo shows a cookie that looks almost crumbly or crunchy.I wonder why her cookie looks so different than BA’s?

  8. says

    Hmmm…wine, tooth decay – I’m stocking up – I knew there was a good reason to have an over abundance of wines in the house. Now it’s legit. Great roundup.

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