Cream Cheese Lemon Bars With a Kit Kat Crust

As fun as it is to incorporate candy bars into baked goods, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to use Kit Kats is to eat them straight. Some candy bars are great cut into chunks or baked into cookies, but if you think about it, a Kit Kat is a marvel of candy bar engineering and its texture is just as important as its flavor. Grinding, chopping, melting a Kit Kat is just an affront to the candy, so I apologize to all the Kit Kats I’ve insulted this week.

Of all the Kit Kat experiments tested, this one was the best.

I got the recipe from Recipegirl who credited Candy Bar Cookbook. The only change I made was to omit the lemon extract. I was out and didn’t want to spend $3.99 on a bottle of something I hardly ever used. End results were good, but if you are going to make these bars I recommend keeping the lemon extract in even if you don’t like it much. They need it and I think the artificial lemon flavoring has some sort of synergy with the Kit Kat flavor. The chocolate flavor is very mild, but as Recipegirl told her husband, these are lemon bars.

lemon bars with Kit Kat crust

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  1. Karen says

    You saved my leftover Kit Kats from unnecessary tampering. I’ll just eat ’em plain. Thanks!

  2. says

    Oh, I’m glad you tried these! That Candy Bar Cookbook (found in an old used bookstore) has the most interesting recipes in it.

    You are too nice 🙂

  3. says

    I felt it was a tad too lemony. I kind of wish I had just stuck to lemon juice and zest, or only included the extract in either the filling or the topping, but not both. I feel like it would have been better that way. Maybe I don’t like lemon extract.

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