The Dog Did My Homework

Did you know corgis were good at calculus? It’s true. Here’s the latest photo of Lizzie helping Fuzz do her homework. It’s spelling, though.

dog doing homework

Also, I was just looking for an excuse to post a cute picture.

Today’s cookie is going to be a bit late because this morning’s goals include finishing up Thanksgiving shopping and perfecting a slow cooker stuffing recipe based on Ace’s recipe and the one I did last year. By the end of the day, I should have it written up. Somewhere along the way, I hope to fit in a new cookie recipe.

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  1. says

    this is so funny. he can help me with my math then. i’m currently not doing well at all!!! i wish i had spelling class again. at least i understood that.

  2. Rachel B says

    That’s funny! Elvis the calculus corgi actually lives with his math professor friend Prof. Tim Pennings in our town of Holland, Michigan. Although Elvis doesn’t usually get on well with other corgis, he’s happily played with our mild-mannered Max on one occasion. Elvis can frequently be seen in good weather dashing behind Prof. Pennings’ bike.

    I think a spelling corgi is pretty impressive, too, though! 🙂

  3. says

    Rachel, I am so impressed! Now I and everyone who knows you via the comment section is two degrees of separation from Elvis the calculating corgi.

  4. Sharon says

    Howdy!! Your daughter and new family member are both just precious. Thanks for sharing them w/ those of us interested in yummy sweet stuff 😉 I thought I’d tell you this as I keep thinking about it….I was at the Albuquerque East side animal shelter a few months ago and there was a mini-corgi that looked just like Lizzi. She was about 5 lbs, full grown – sooo cute!!! I almost emailed you to let you know but I figured what would you do with that info 😉 — and didn’t want you to become a dogaholic like us 😉 — he he!! We have six rescued dogs here that love it when I fling little bits of leftover baked goods at them. There’s nothing that makes a little child or pup happier than sharing in the kitchen festivities. Congratulations on having a happy & so cute family 😉 and I think it is great you are teaching Fuzz about cooking and business (w/ your website). Have a great holiday – the quirky Bice family – from Albuquerque 😉 … P.S. Most of your receipes work pretty good at 7,000 ft altitude – sometimes I adjust slightly or add my own variation. Thanks again for your great site ;))

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