$5,000 Vacation Rental Giveaway Contest

Last month I wrote about our experience renting a condo through a website called VRBO, a site owned by Homeaway. This afternoon Tomek from Homeaway’s blog commented to say they were giving away a vacation rental up to $5,000. To win, you have to say “Why I Deserve a Getaway from HomeAway” in a blog post, video or photo essay. All of the rules and details are posted on here.

Just thought I’d spread the word because couldn’t we all use a $5,000 vacation?

Good luck.

P.S. It says that if you choose a less expensive get-away, they will give you the difference in cash.

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    If I weren’t about to head out the door I would click on that this instant! Later, definitely! Thanks for the heads up!!

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    Hey Sue,

    Now that you have a blog, you should do your entry as a blog post ;). I think it’s great they offer three ways to express yourself — words, photos or video.

    Sheila, I’m looking forward to following your blog. I’m a big fan of VRBO and since finding out about it, I’ve met people who tell me they’ve been using Homeaway for a while. Can’t believe it took me so long to discover it. I found out about it through my dermatologist (of all places).

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    Hi Anna: Based on your comments about VRBO I rented a place through them when I visited Savannah this year. I will always check them out now before I plan a trip — it was a great experience.

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    Hi Anj!

    Good to her from you :).

    I need to plan a trip to Savannah one of these days. I’ve never been to Georgia, but I’ve heard Savannah is very special.

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    Oh man, I have the perfect week long getaway, but I don’t think it will win me their contest. Basically, I want a staycation. That way I can spend a week at home, get a LOT done on my next book AND pocket five grand. I could then use that to help promote the book later on.

    Think they’ll go for that? 😉

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    Charlie, why don’t you choose an inexpensive get-away and pocket the rest? They pay you the difference. Choose something in Corpus or Galveston.

    Did you notice at the bottom of the page they have “Places Where Contestants Want To Say”. The first one is in Spicewood — not too far from here.


    I think I’d prefer a beach house or a condo in a big city over a sprawling mansion with a putting green, but that’s just me.

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    Anna: You would love Savannah – I had a wonderful time. Pictures are on my blog. I like Charlie’s word ‘staycation’ that’s a great word! Sadly Galveston is not too pretty right now after Ike visited us this year………:o(

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