Another Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This morning I posted a link to an old New York Times article with three cookie recipes, one of which was for a chocolate chip cookie made with hazelnut paste — an ingredient in everybody’s pantry! Especially seven years ago.

Okay, that was a joke. I still have a hard time finding hazelnut paste/butter and have had to, on occasion, make it myself. But rather than mess up a lot of dishes today, I decided to make these with almond butter.

The cookies, which are credited to a pastry chef named Bill Yosses, were beautiful.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like them because they came out of the oven kind of thick and cakey, but once they cooled, they became rather crisp and crunchy.

My only complaint is these don’t seem quite buttery enough and I’m wondering if maybe there’s a typo in the original recipe and that it should be 2 sticks of butter. Then again, there’s that study that says people who had a lot of ear infections as children may crave more fat and I had my share of ear problems.

So if you make these, let me know. I gave mine to friends and am hoping to get some feedback.  And if you’re craving fat, blame your ears!

Recipe Here (near end of article)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. says

    I had ear problems as a kid, and guess what? I crave fat all the time. Can’t get enough of that stuff.
    These look fantastic.

  2. says

    i have never seen hazelnut paste at any store in my life!! maybe it’s because i haven’t looked for it before haha these do look delicious.

    that is so funny about the connection between fat and ear infections. i’ve only had one ear infection, but i have a MAD addiction to peanut butter- at least it’s a good fat hehe

  3. says

    Those cookies sure look good! I wondered about subbing almond butter, which I happen to have! I also wondered about subbing the vanilla bean pulp since I’ve only purchased vanilla beans once in my entire life. Isn’t Bill Yosses the pastry chef at the White House?

    I’ll have to look at the study you linked to. I was sick constantly as a child with bronchitis, and now as an adult I have a terrible time with one ear. Maybe my craving for fat and sugar is related to that! I think I can use it as excuse. LOL!

  4. says

    I don’t think I had many ear infections as a kid, so I’m not sure what my excuse is. Although do I really need one? I’m going to go make some chocolate cookies.

  5. Jennifer says

    Holy cow! So THAT’S what’s wrong with me! Haha. Why couldn’t the study have shown that people who suffered from ear troubles could eat more fat and it magically had no consequences? *sigh*

  6. snookydoodle says

    well these do look good though. I ll try them with nutella although this is sweetened. anyway i m sure they ll be yummy.

  7. says

    About the Nutella. Nutella is very, very different than unsweetened hazelnut paste. Nutella is mostly sugar….or at least it seems to behave that way in recipes. I’m not going to say it won’t work, but the cookies will definitely be sweeter. I personally wouldn’t bother with that even though I love Nutella.

    About almond paste vs. almond butter. Again, huge difference. Almond butter comes in a jar or you make it yourself by grinding fresh almonds with oil. It’s not nearly as sweet as almond paste which is sugar, almonds & something else all pressed into a roll and very sweet.

    If you can’t find or make almond butter or hazelnut butter, it’s probably best to just go with peanut butter.

    One thing I was worried about was that store bought lightly sweetened almond butter would be too sweet, as the recipe calls for unsweetened hazelnut paste. The lightly sweetened almond butter wasn’t too sweet at all…..but I think Nutella would be.

  8. Mara says

    Thanks for linking that article. I’m writing a research paper on anorexia for a college final project, and one of my sections deals with childhood obesity, so that study was a welcome addition. I was able to fit it in the day before the paper was due! haha So thanks so much!

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