Crinkle Cookie Update

Thanks to Dave for pointing out that NPR had an error on the original Crinkle Cookie recipe. The amount of oil should be 1/3 cup. I made a half batch and my cookies were definitely on the flat side but they were still good. Maybe I liked them precisely because they were not dry and cloyingly sweet like other Crinkles or because I was too enamored with the fact that Shirley’s sugar trick worked. Now I’m worried the correct version will be too dry, but I’m going to try it anyway.

NPR has posted their corrected version as well, so I’m not going to say anything until I re-make it!

Interestingly, commenters who made the recipe the incorrect way were saying their cookies were a total disaster — too flat and too sweet. Mine were definitel not too sweet. I think maybe people are using sweeter melted chocolate. I used 70% cacao.

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  1. HeartofGlass says

    I noticed the angry comments and had assumed you had used the ‘corrected’ recipe. Thanks for the update before I attempt them.

    Wow, I felt bad for the author–some of those posts were scary-angry! And it was NPR’s error!

  2. says

    Pearl, I need to give a better review on taste. Frankly, I think the corrected version is going to be too sweet for my tastes. But like I said, I was never a big fan of crinkles.

    H, yeah. I noticed that too. I get comments like that once in a while. I’ve only ever gotten one truly scary one and it was from someone saying she wanted to cut me.

  3. HeartofGlass says

    Gosh, that’s awful, shocking actually–I guess I can understand why some people don’t understand that a ‘voice on the radio’ is a real person but that is even worse, to respond like that to someone with a blog that is designed specifically to help people with cooking.

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