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    Ohman, not just free cookies. Free REALLY good cookies. I was at one with a colleague and my boss when we were traveling from a conference to a labmate’s wedding and basically they have like a little hot-box behind the desk with warm cookies in them.

    We had gotten ours when we checked in, but when we came back from the wedding that night my boss mentioned really wanting another one and when I went up and asked they just gave me more.

    It was perhaps the least ambiguous moment of boss approval I’ve ever had, when he said I was “really…really Awesome.” Even though he was mostly describing my cookie acquisition skills.

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    How sweet is that! Just the thing to get holiday travelers in the mood…How do you find this stuff, Anna?

    P.S. The link worked fine for me:)

  3. Lynn says

    Do they do online cookie orders? Those cookies are seriously worth every sugary calorie, and there isn’t a Doubletree Inn or a Hilton within 300 miles of where I live. 🙁 And even though my husband is the most wonderful fella on the face of the earth, not even for me is he willing to drive 4 hours to San Francisco to get cookies for me. LOL 😉

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    Marm, my family is sort of obsessed with Strongbad. Thanks for the link.

    Katrina and Lynne, you can order them by mail. Here’s the link.

    However, there’s a copycat recipe easily found on Google. Also, I think Todd English’s recipe is similar (though the cookies in my photo look quite different that Doubletree)

    Doubletree uses a lot of walnuts.

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