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    The cookies sound good. Kind of wholesome. The author of that blog is kind of a sassy writer though! I’m not offended by that kind of sassy, and it was interesting to hear the kinds of things cookie contest judges are subjected to. Not that I enter cooking contests, but I can’t imagine 1)entering a burned cookie, and 2) not tasting the item I submitted.

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    I can tell you personally you wouldn’t want to be a judge!
    And I’m perplexed by cooks who enter cookies — we even had raw ones (it was really obvious before we broke them apart for texture — particularly the molasses and ginger ones).
    It’s true we have humidity problems here, but good bakers always test their cookies before baking a whole batch.

    Others were rock-hard. We sample 1/2 cookie each, unless it’s impossible to get the whole cookie taste from only a half. We couldn’t even break some of these or cut them with a knife — and they weren’t biscotti!

    Sassy writer? LOL. Perhaps it was the sugar talking. . . I’m the essence of patience (you have that after 26 years answering a food editor’s call-in line); I just have a quirky sense of humor. But you’ve got to wonder about contest entrants who submit totally burned cookies – right?

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    Hi Anna – long time lurker – was wondering if you had a recipe kicking around to make chocolate covered popcorn? any fun ideas? thx

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    Hi Stacy,

    I wish I did, but I had to stop eating popcorn a few years ago and subsequently, stopped making anything with it.

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