Peanut Butter Blondies from Redbook

Thanks for all the cookbook suggestions! I’ll let you know which ones I pick, but for now here’s a recipe from a magazine. It’s for Peanut Butter Blondies, and it’s from the current issue of Redbook – the one with a picture of Sandra Lee on the front. I bought it partially because I liked the blondie recipe inside and partially because I like Sandra Lee. She wears goofy costumes, says silly things and makes me laugh when I’m on the treadmill (which is usually when I catch her show). Also, from what I heard from people who met her at the last Pillsbury Bake-Off, she was genuinely warm and sincere. And I think she helps a lot of people. For instance, I spoke with someone yesterday who said I should meet a friend of hers because “said friend” liked to cook and use gourmet ingredients like balsamic vinegar and onions. Okay, then! What I’m trying to say here is I like Sandra Lee because she doesn’t intimidate people who haven’t learned to really cook from going to the kitchen and putting together a meal.

Peanut Butter Blondies

But back to the brownies. Other than the fact that I wish all magazines would put ounces/grams next to flour volumes, this recipe was perfect as is. I didn’t make any substitutions. These were really moist, kind of sweet but not overly so, and had a pretty good peanut butter flavor thanks to the extra peanut butter chips. I wouldn’t leave those out. I used salted nuts, so I think the sweet/salty aspect of recipe made me like it even more. Also, the brand of peanut butter I used is top secret.

RECIPE HERE…at least for now. If the link doesn’t work or gets moved, let me know.

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  1. says

    Blondies, peanut-butteries, whatever you want to call them, they do look good! Love Sandra Lee, too. She’s genuine and strange–me, too! jk
    Glad you liked what you made today!

  2. says


    I must be a gourmet! I use balsamic vinegar and onions, too. It is good to get some confirmation on that. 🙂

    And here I thought I was just a lowly old home cook.

  3. says

    these blondies look insanely good. peanut butter and salted peanuts are such a delicious combo.

    my favorite part about sandra lee is that she drinks on all her shows. it’s so funny. what ever happened to drinking on the job???

  4. HeartofGlass says

    Hi Anna! You seemed a bit tired (not your recipes, but from all of the holiday prep and celebrating) the last few days, but it sounds like your energy is back up! I love easy bar cookies–and PB, of course!

    SL seems very controversial–on lots of blogs and message boards there are people who seem to be professional Sandra haters in ways I don’t understand. I’ve actually never seen her show–I usually run when it’s nasty outside to Martha or Cook’s Country or America’s Test Kitchen. The disciplined personality of Martha and Christopher Kimball urges me on to go the extra mile! 😉

    I may try these with Land-O-Lakes Light butter, which is half the calories and made with Canola oil as well as butter (no artificial stuff) and let them set longer, to cut back a bit on the calories.

  5. T. Martin says

    “Other than the fact that I wish all magazines would put ounces/grams next to flour volumes…”

    Anna, I am going to second you on this sentiment as I am devoted to my Soehnle scale and the influence of my European friends has convinced me measuring weight is the only way to bake really well.

  6. says

    Katrina, she’s strange all the way to the bank! Hardy, har, har.

    “John, can you tell me where you buy balsmamic vinegar? Will I need to go to Whole Foods for that or order it from a specialty store? And onions? I’ve seen them too — oh, but they are exotic. Did you know some of them are reddish? I saw one once when I had a salad at an amazing restaurant called The Golden Corral. It was our anniversary.”

    Joanna, that’s probably mostly why I like her.

    Rita, I thought you made brownies not too long ago. Must be thinking of someone else…oh, Veggie Girl. Ha.

    Heart of Glass, yeah. I’ve been kind of burned out on cookies. Maybe the peanut butter blondies will bring me out of the rut. About the SL hate, I see it only on the Interne. If I go to a bunco game or a PTA meeting, she’s the Food TV personality most people mention or refer to. But I admit, I haven’t gone to Bunco games or been very sociable lately so maybe that’s changed and everyone is following someone else. I think FTV has a new crop of stars.

    Taneka, I think the tide is turning. Cooking Light uses grams/oz and I’ve seen weigh measurements used in other food magazines as well.

  7. says

    I love blondies and even better, are PB blondies! I have not had a blondie in soooo long, I have had chocolate overload with the holidays, can’t wait to detox and start baking up some goodies!

  8. Jennifer says

    I must admit, I’m an SL hater. Okay, not hater, per se, I just find her so annoying. I think it’s the “tablescapes” thing that gets me.

    I’m not much of a peanut butter fan, but since I’m trying to cut back on calories, maybe that’s why I should make these. The joy of baking, without the “joy” of moving up a pants size!

  9. Janet says

    Well, I have been lurking here for months, maybe longer, and have made many of the recipes. This is the one place I check daily no matter how busy I am. This recipe was printed out yesterday and a pan in the oven now. I love that fact that you change things based on knowledge, what you have on hand, and personal taste. I decided to use chopped peanut m & ms and some other “holiday” chocolates vs. following the exact recipe. The batter was great so hopefully the finished product will be too.

  10. says

    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for commenting!

    I hope you like the peanut butter blondies. One thing I’ve learned is it’s easy to dry them out. If you cook them a little too long or use even the slightest bit too much flour, they won’t be at their best. This recipe was right on target. They tasted even better the next day.

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