A Few Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

Good Morning!

I’ve been a little pre-occupied with Girl Scout Cookies and other things and have not had a chance to bake anything worth posting. I am still on the lookout for things to do with Girl Scout Cookies, though.

This morning I found an interesting little collection from the Girl Scouts of Mount Magazine Area Arkansas. The recipe that is especially intriguing is this cream cheese frosted cake which instead of flour, calls for 2 ½ boxes of crushed Trefoils (shortbread). The cake also has pecans and coconut. It must be very rich without the flour.

Here’s a link to the recipes. You’ll have to scroll to the next page to see that cake.

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    How fun! Thanks for sharing the link. I always buy them and attempt to save them for making other things. (attempt… because the family of course devours them quickly!)

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