And the Blood Orange Juice Goes To…

…Kelly Gibson

Kelly’s number was drawn at random, but I liked what she had to say. It wasn’t a fabulous travel planning tip, but it was something I could identify with.

Kelly’s Comment —

“The hub and I went to Rome for a month. We ate like pigs and both lost at least 15 pounds, from all the walking and because the food is so unprocessed there! I had my first gorgonzola & pear pizza there.”

This has been our experience as well. We eat more on vacation, but we walk a lot and by mealtime we are starving and feel like our bodies really need some fuel. I’m not sure that we’ve actually lost weight, but we usually come home feeling a bit lighter despite what seemed like an excess of food and wine.

Thanks for all the travel tips. I am seriously considering a (somewhat) spontaneous trip to Italy. Rates are pretty good right now! Air fare is tricky, but hotels seem quite reasonable.

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  1. Pam says


    I’ve been to Italy twice and I would love to go back. The first time we were on a land tour and toured Rome, Florence, and Venice. The second time I was on a cruise and only got a day in a couple of ports. The highlights of my trips were Rome, Florence, and an area called the Cinque Terre. If you have some guidebooks for Italy, be sure to consider getting off the beaten track and visiting the Cinque Terre. It does involve a lot of walking, but it is truly charming and seems very unspoiled or untouristy. I really loved all of the Tuscany region. Happy traveling — I’m envious!

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