Brownies with Beans

I should save this post for National Bean Day, but like most (dubious) food holidays, I won’t know it’s Bean Day until the day after Bean Day.  So here we go.

This is a collection of brownies made with beans, and as I wrote that phrase it suddenly occurred to me that I should get a life because I’m sitting here putting together a collection of brownies made with beans.

I like this link. It’s just another review for Heidi’s brownies, but an interesting perspective.

Ugly Dude’s Black Bean Brownie Review

Again, here’s where you can read about Katrina’s brownies and see cute photos of her kids.

Katrina’s Low Fat Bean Brownies

Here is a very promising and highly rated low fat version from

Lower Fat Black Bean Brownies

And Ms. Deb, over at Altered Plates takes an even more wholesome & sophisticated approach.

Deb’s Moore Beanie Brownies

And finally, a departure from black beans, here’s a lovely lady who makes hats AND brownies. She uses garbanzo beans.

Millinery Brownies

Jessica from Su Good Sweets tells us how to use white bean puree in place of fat

Jessica’s white bean puree brownies

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  1. says

    After seeing you and Katrina’s black bean brownies , I am going to have to try them. It will work in well with all the healthy food I am blogging about this week. I am curious to see if my picky son will eat them. I am sure I will (LOL). Thanks for the recipes.

  2. says

    I have a spice cake recipe that calls for one can of pork and beans. It’s very moist, and you can’t tell at all that it has beans in it! I usually use the Heinz veggie version of the beans, because I can’t fathom putting pork in a cake!

    Happy Bean Day everyone!

  3. Kiersten says

    I have seen so many recipes like this and I am so tempted to try them, but I keep chickening out.

  4. B says

    I tried the 101 Cookbooks recipe a while back and no one in my family really cared for them. I agree that they were too thin and the texture was a little weird. I’d heard great things about these, so I was disappointed that I didn’t like them…maybe I’d have better luck with a different recipe?

  5. says

    Lisa, I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about the brownies.

    Kim, I like the idea of putting the veggie (no) pork and beans in a cake. I might give that a try, but it bar cookie form. I made tomato soup cake as bar cookies and they were quite good.

    B, thanks for the review. Normally, I send things to work and get reviews but I’m not sending these. The texture is strange and I think people would notice there was something weird going on with the brownies. It’s the kind of recipe the baker needs to explain. So while I’d serve it at a healthy cooking club dinner or give some to a close friend to taste (after explaining about the beans), I wouldn’t set it out in an office break room.

    I gave a few to my friend Tina and need to check back for her opinion.

    Finally, the deal killer is the half cup butter (or full cup, if you use the full recipe. A half cup of butter in an 8 inch square pan recipe is a lot.

  6. Therese B. says


    Could you do a cupcake with beans? My next theme of Bunco is all about cupcakes. That would be fun to teste the players to see if they knew what the secret key ingredient is?

    I’ll bet ALL these brownie recipes are delicious..I just checked out the Katrina recipe and it looks so good!

    Do you think we should take BEANO before we eat them? tee hee!

    I wish you could come to my party. sniffle.

  7. says

    Theresa B., the same site I got the bean brownie idea from said you can also do the same with a cake mix, replace the oil with beans. I haven’t tried or looked for cake recipes from scratch, but it should work., they don’t really dive a recipe though, just the idea of making boxed mixes and using beans. They did a bundt cake. I’ll bet cupcakes would work.

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