1. Therese B. says

    I…love Paula Deen!! OMG! Those brownies…holy crap my cholesterol would be shooting off the charts! But, what a concept!!
    A whole candy bar x 3 between the batter of a store bought brownie box mix. I say…the devil made me do it!!! Yumoland!

  2. Lisa says

    I’m so sad…I can’t the video. it says that it’s not available to my country (Puerto Rico) 🙁

  3. Wendy says

    Hi Anna! I’ve been making brownies similiar to these for a couple years. They are also good if you use the new Reese’s peanut butter giant bars or if you can find them, the Hershey peanut butter giant bars. The possibilities are endless! and its soo easy! =)

  4. says

    Was it just me, or did anyone get the feeling Paula wanted to say which brand brownie mix she liked using? She started to say something, then realized she couldn’t say brands and said she liked the “chewy” type. Maybe I’m just projecting. Maybe she did mean to say chewy. I would have wanted to say the brand.

  5. Therese B. says

    Did you hear that Miss Paula Deen is going to have a talk show in September 2009???? Who want’s to go!! I happened to see it on her website.
    She is so much of a hero to me…my Christmas gift was a silver bracelet from her Paula Deen website that say’s hey y’all.
    Love her!
    Anna, I bet she used Betty Crocker..don’t you think?

  6. says

    Can anyone spell “tin foil” the way she pronounces it? She makes me laugh. Loved how she said if you’re on a diet, just leave the topping off (because it’s okay to have 3 whole candy bars in your brownies and still be ON your diet???). Great video. Thanks for the post.

  7. Janet says

    I just made these for my grandson’s birthday last night. I make them with the Betty Crocker brownies and make the cake brownies. I also use 2 boxes of brownies. I make the day before I am going to serve and refrigerate. If you want to warm them after they are firm, just a few seconds in the mircowave. I served with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce and strawberries. He wanted this instead of cake because he says they are his favorite brownies. I had one left to take to the woman I work with, and she now wants the recipe. I gave it to another friend last month and she was the hit of the party she went to. These are great!!

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