It’s That Time Again….Almost

Good Morning, Cookie Lovers!

Things are back to normal. Fuzz returned to school, Todd’s left for work and I have to start focusing on some volunteer projects — the first of which is coordinating our troop’s Girl Scout cookies. I was cookie coordinator last year and thought I had it all down; then they changed things up a bit this year and the more seasoned stay-at-home dad cookie coordinator who was helping me moved away. So I’m on my own and a little nervous. To help remind me that *It’s just cookies* and this is supposed to fun, I’ll be linking to various articles on Girl Scout Cookies. I’ll also be collecting more recipes that call for them, so if you know of any or see any that look exceptional, shoot me an email.

I’ve also created a Girl Scout Cookie Recipe category in the left sidebar. So far, the only thing I’ve put there is Thin Mint Pie which is extremely delicious and a very good use for Thin Mints. As I come across new recipes, I’ll add them to the category.

Thin Mint Pie

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  1. says

    This is NOT a good post to start off the year!! Your picture is good enough to eat! This sounds nice and easy…maybe a sometimes treat. I MUST TRY THIS! I’ll just try not to eat the whole thing!!
    Great recipe!

  2. HeartofGlass says

    Admittedly, not quite a recipe, but it is worth adding that Thin Mints improve in taste (at least, IMHO, and I’m not a big chocolate mint person) if they are housed in the freezer!

  3. says

    You’ve probably already seen, but Baking Bites recently posted about Girl Scout cookies and has recipe for most of them. And another thin mint dessert.
    Yours looks great! Good luck with the cookies! I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t see any cookies from you! 😉

  4. Barbara Hahn says

    Anna, I felt your pain about coordinating Girl Scout cookies many years ago. The worst day for me was when the shipment makes it to your location. We did Girl Scout cookies for the whole county so we filled the VFW hall. You need lots of hands on people.
    That pie looks delicious.

  5. says

    I made that pie last year, it was delicious!

    I look forward to more recipes, I lead my daughter’s Daisy troop, and this is the first year Daisy’s are selling cookies. Fun (I think)!

  6. says

    I made a shortbread (can’t remember the name of it as my memory is shot right now), but it’s on my blog and it tastes a lot like the Samoas. They were so tasty.

  7. C L says

    You can do it, yes you can! 🙂 And the pie looks sinfully good! Thank goodness pictures have no calories! LOL 😉

    I wish there were a local GS troop here. I miss stocking up on my yearly supply! Definitely a “soft touch” where kidlets and fundraisers are concerned… 😉 Wishing great sales to Fuzz and Anna! 🙂

  8. says

    It’s kind of nice getting back in the routine, isn’t it?

    It’s very fitting that you’re the Girl Scout Cookie lady! I’m sure you’ll do a great job!

  9. Anita says

    This is my third year as “cookie mom” for our troop. Compared to what the leaders do for the girls, this is a small contribution to the troop’s overall financial health – but it’s a small troop, only 10 girls and 2 are sisters.

    Have you seen the recipes on the little brownie website? The sales materials suggest that the girls bundle boxes of cookies with recipes to increase booth sales.

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