Mix it Up With Betty is Back!

If you’re feeling creative, why not see what you can do with a packet of cookie mix?  The Betty Crocker Mix it Up with Betty Cookie Recipe Contest is back!

Sugar Cookie Mix

I’ve retired from this one, but have been encouraging all my friends to enter. What’s great about Mix it Up with Betty is that they are very generous with their prizes. Not to sound greedy, but when you direct your mind toward ways to use cookie mix, it’s nice knowing you have a fairly decent shot at some cash. There is only one $5,000 grand prize winner, but there are fourteen $500 runners up winners, one $500 “peoples choice” award” and six honorable mentions ($100 gift certificate). On top of that, the winner and runners up winners get 1,000 box tops to donate to their school. For me, this was a big deal. Being able to go the PTA and say “Hey, guess what. I’ve got 1000 box tops for you” was one of the highlights of that particular school year. The PTA really appreciated it.

So if you have never entered a contest before but would like to give it a try, I strongly recommend this one. If you enter every year and haven’t won, I still recommend it! Maybe this is your year. It looks like they’ve added some categories.

Kid Fun

Make cookies that double as fun family activities

Cookie Treats with a Health Twist
Put a nutritious spin on your favorite treats

Seasonal Favorites
Create treats for the holidays or special occasions

Ethnic-inspired Treats
Prepare cookies or bars representing your heritage

Cookie Favorites Made Easy
Simplify by using seven ingredients or less

Cookie Bars
Whip up bite-sized snacks or indulgent dessert squares

Frosted Cookies

Get creative using both Betty Crocker® cookie mix and Betty Crocker® ready-to-spread frosting

Deadline is February 15.

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  1. says

    That does sound like a great place to start rather than jump right in to Pillsbury Bake-Off! Will have to work on that one. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Louise says

    I’m working on my entry. 🙂 What can the schools get with their box tops? Does it take a million box tops to get something worthwhile?

  3. says

    You are one generous cookie baker! Some people would “hog” this info for themselves! I was once chastised for sharing some contest info…! Good grief!!! It’s so nice that you share it with other cookie bakers who may not know about it!
    I’ve entered a couple recipes so far…and I agree, it’s a great contest, because you have such a good chance of winning something…and the box tops! Plus, my husband loves this one, cause there are cookies all over the place!

  4. Therese B. says

    I have a fear of baking contests…ever since my virgin contest with a cheesecake contest.
    I swore…never again. Arghh the humiliation.

    If there is a fear of baking contests what would it be entitled?

  5. Carol A, says

    Okay, this may be it – my first cooking contest. I have a couple of fun ideas. Anna, I see you won in the grand prize in 2007 and a category in 2006 – woman, you are amazing!

    I think this is correct, but just to be sure – we can enter more than one recipe, right?

    Good luck, everyone!

  6. says

    Carol, in the past I entered multiple entries. I think it’s okay. Always read the rules because they may have changed, but I rarely enter just one recipe to a contest unless the contest says there is a limit.

  7. says

    No way I am at the level to comptete, but thanks for hte info! I LOVE watching those contests on FoodNetwork and seeing the winning recipes on line for contests!! That is how i first heard about your wonderful skills!!!

  8. says

    Baking Blonde, you are TOTALLY at the *level* (if there is such thing). Really, there’s not. For this contest, you just need to use your imagination. It’s cookie mix.

    Katrina, no pie. Too busy with Girl Scout cookies, Italy and miscellaneous problems.

  9. Laurie says

    Thanks Anna! I am all over this–have two to submit and working on a third–and the PTO is hoping for the best!

  10. Carol A, says

    Bakingblonde – my gosh, you are light years ahead of me, and I think I’m going to come up with a couple of recipes. (I don’t know how good they’ll be, but what the heck…) So you should certainly go for it!

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