Top Cookies From The L.A. Times

My friend Janet sent me this link. LA Times always has good cookie recipes, so this will definitely come in handy.

LA Times Top Cookies

There are some interesting cookies on the list. Knowing me, I’ll head straight to the Chocolate Espresso Cookies, but for those of you with more sophisticated cravings, there are things like Hazelnut Meringues with Orange Sorbet and Rosemary Pinenut Cookies.

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  1. says

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for that link. Very interesting! There are several on that list that sound great that I would actually try (Chocolate Sables, Pistachio Butter Cookies, Peanut Bittersweet Chocolate Cookies). Others though must be for a more sophisticated palate than mine. If I were to serve Panforte with Candied Quince I can only imagine the looks I’d get! Ha! Maybe it’s more of an elegant New York cookie as opposed to a down-home Texas one!


  2. janet says

    Hello! I am preheating the oven now to bake the Buckwheat Sugar cookies (happen to have a box of the buckwheat flour in the freezer and it’s a goal to use up as much flour this year;-)
    I’ll let you know if it’s a “keeper”.

  3. Louise says

    Nice list of some different cookies. I wouldn’t take the “Panforte with Candied Quince” to the big game day crowd as it doesn’t go with buffalo wings :-D, but my Master Gardener friends will probably like it. I’m weird, but I have candied quince in the freezer that I made in Fall. And, I have all the rest of the ingredients from Christmas cookie baking. Sweet. So now I have another use for Candied Quince besides Quince Tarts. Thanks.

  4. janet says

    Ok, I made the buckwheat cookies…they are shortbread style….very tasty…stayed about the same size as they went in as. Next will be the Apricot Butter ones but w/o the thyme.

  5. says

    That is an interesting list of cookies. I hope Janet reports on the Apricot Butter cookies too. I’m always interested in Apricot recipes because my Mother in Law loves anything Apricot.

  6. janet says

    The apricot butter cookies (without thyme)are okay. Maybe will improve with cooling and the apricot flavor will intensify. Think I’ll try a couple of Anna’s recipes next…since I know they’ll be keepers.

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