ACD New Valentine’s Day Cookie

Before heading to the dog food store, I decided to try a new biscotti idea.  Long story short, it wasn’t a successful experiment.

Luckily, I had a chocolate cookie to fall back on. Alexandra from Alexandra’s Cookie Dreams sent over a box of assorted chocolate cookies including some of her amazing new Valentine’s Day cookies. They are so delicious! They’re almost like a chocolate truffle in cookie form as you can see from the photo. What I didn’t take a picture of was the beautiful packaging, but you can see that on the ACD home page. I am so impressed with bakers who can ship cookies and keep them fresh! It’s not an easy task.

Alexandra\'s Cookie Dreams

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  1. says

    Oh my, that looks heavenly! Amazing that she can ship it and have it looks so fresh and tempting.

    Happy Valentines Day to you, indeed. Enjoy!

  2. says

    I can think of a very dear grand daughter who would LOVE to receive cookies like these…Now I must check-out the choices for my grandson…Thanks for sharing, Anna

  3. says

    Oh YUM…baking is itself not an easy task; can you imagine baking & mailing so impressively! WOW…make a handsome bite, they do. Sorry about the biscotti. I suffer many such disasters from time to time!

  4. bookwoman says

    Hi Anna–

    I’m an all-day every-day lurker (& tweeter–thanks for every time you’ve replied to me!), but this picture has brought me out of the woodwork. I’ve made MANY of your recipes–will you be working up a recipe for these? They certainly look experiment-worthy . . .
    Thanks for all the cookies you’ve added to my repertoire!
    Lisa (aka @lisarosen on twitter)

  5. Louise says

    Those cookies look like Milk’s. Do they taste similar? Also, regarding the failed biscotti, Edison failed at inventing the light bulb a thousand times, but never gave up (not that I think you’ll give up). Failure isn’t the worst thing in the world, as we learn from our failures.

  6. says

    Katrina,these are definitely fudgy.

    Carol, her cookies don’t have any odd preservatives so she sends them via one day UPS. But they are definitely fresh.

    Deeba and Louise, I like sending cookies too and I admit to ordering them on-line. As much as I try, I have a difficult time keeping them as fresh as people who’ve made a career out of it. Plus, I like the fancy packaging certain companies use. Louise, your grand daughter would love these. Some of the flavors might be more appropriate for an older child or a teenager, though. For instance, Fuzz likes the New York Cowgirl, but she likes the more basic flavors better

    Hi Lisa! If I figure out a good clone, I’ll send it to you ;). Right now the Milk Chocolate Chip cookies and the Shiny Happy Double Chocolate Cookies are my favorite chocolate cookies here. Oh, and the Very Small Batch Chocolate Toffee cookies.

    As for Alexandra’s, hers are denser and heavier than Milk’s.

    Louise, the biscotti was a basic biscotti with Nicole (Baking Bites) pre-baked streusel broken up and scattered throughout. It was good, just not worth the work. The oatmeal cookies were much better.

  7. Louise says

    Anna, perhaps you need to start using the GTW rating that I’ve had for years. It’s the “Goodness to Work” ratio. If it applies, I often just use an up or down arrow beside GTW. There are recipes you gladly spend all day making and know you will do again because it’s just that good, but then there are things that took an hour and aren’t necessarily bad but aren’t worth the trouble. 🙂

  8. Angie says


    These cookies look wonmderful. Did you ever make the ghirardelli double chocolate cookies that are on their wrappper, these look very similar to them and they are both easy to make and fabulous. If you experiment and find a way to make these cookies please let me know. I am a stay at home mom and I cant afford paying $20.00 for 6 cookies to be delivered. Thanks

  9. Angie says

    The ghirardelli cookies I was referring to are called untimate double chocolate cookies and the recipe is on the Ghiradelli website

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