Party Tip Winners — Free Copies of Craft!

Earlier, I asked people to post their favorite party tips. We now have quite a collection and I’ve enjoyed reading them. The contest is over, but feel free to add more tips because I’m going to leave them on the Internet and study them for my next party. That will probably be in the year 2020 so I have lots of time to plan.

I drew numbers randomly and the winners of the Craft magazines are

Comment #16 VeggieGirl who reminds us to “Be a gracious host.”

I guess that means if someone tells you your popcorn salad is strange you say “Oh my, I am so sorry. Would you like some green salad instead?” and then offer up an array of salad dressing.

The second winner is

Comment #21 from Kassy who admits she doesn’t go to many parties but says a hostess should put out plenty of food and a variety of different types.

Amen to that! I hate it when I go to parties and all they serve is popcorn salad.

Kassy and Veggie Girl both get free copies of Craft magazine. Now I get to hunt you two down and get address info.

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