That Takes the Cake

Today’s recipe will be late, but I have an excuse. Todd, Fuzz & I spent the morning at the Crockett Center – host to King of Combat Cage Match Wrestling, The Saxet Gun Show and That Takes the Cake one of Austin’s best cake decorating & sugar art shows. Can you guess which event we attended? If you guessed Cage Match, think again.

We spent the morning at the cake show, where I pitched my idea of a cake carrier with a pull out stem that turns into a stand. Okay, not really. The cake stand and carrier isn’t worthy of any of these amazing cakes and the idea of transporting them anywhere – even across the room, gives me shivers.

Amazing Cakes

If you’d like to enter next year, bookmark That Takes The Cake and start practicing!

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  1. pam shank says

    Wow..these are beautiful. I really like your idea about the cake stand but I am with you on not wanting to transport any of these cakes.
    Wish I had a piece of some of those cakes to sample.

  2. says

    I hope we see you at this year’s show. Our theme this year is superheroes and supervillains. It’s sure to be great fun!

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