1. Louise says

    You need to add more liquid as the stuff doesn’t carmelize like sugar. I tried it a while ago and it gives me the zoomies so I stay clear of it. 🙂

  2. says

    6o pounds?????? Yikes!

    I’ve never used it, I see it in the bulk aisle but have never researched it. Louise, if it gives you the zoomies that’s a big mark against it to me, I am really sensitive to too much sugar and caffiene (darn it! though it helps keep me from overindulging too much.)

    At least, I think I’m interpreting “zoomies” the right way…:-)

  3. Jasmine says

    DON’T USE IT!! my mom is sugar free so i tried to experiment with it and i had to throw everything away!! it has a chemical soap detergent taste that doesn’t go away and makes you want to gag!!! we even used it on accident to sprinkle on top of oat meal and we had to throw out the oat meal because the taste is just awful. i don’t recommend it!!! if you do use it, make sure it’s a REALLY small batch!

  4. says

    You know I’ve used it and think it’s pretty great. Although, I’ve found some recipes it’s a great substitute for sugar and others it makes them taste funny. I do like it though! 60 pounds! Goodness! I have a few recipes on my blog that I’ve used it for. I could not tell a difference when I used it in lowfat cheesecake and thought it was good.

  5. Louise says

    I think all the sugar alcohols (end in “ol”) that are labeled “just like sugar” have the same effect on me. Read the bottom paragraph of I’ve looked around the website and I’m not sure how much 12 gm is. A wine bottle cork weighs about 5 gm. This is straight from the Baking page. “Erythritol has the highest digestive tolerance of all sugar alcohols. Xylitol can cause mild digestive discomfort until the body builds up new flora in the stomach and lower intestines to tolerate it. Xylitol is pre-biotic so it metabolizes in the small intestine; the more you consume, the more tolerable it will become.” Personally, I’m not up for getting past the learning curve. 😉

  6. Doxy says

    Sugar alcohols are also something you should never give your dog. It can be deadly in small quantities and is showing up in a lot of foods. We had to be extra careful when choosing an ice cream because our dogs lick the bowls once we’re done if there isn’t chocolate in them…many, many ice creams are made with sugar alcohols now.

    So, since my dogs do have access to limited quantities of human foods, I am extra careful about this. No way I want to win 60 pounds of the stuff.

  7. says

    Wow, quite the contradictory here. I have had no ill effects from it the times when I’ve used it. pause Starts turning in to a werewolf
    “grrrr”. jk
    Ya really just have to try it for yourself if your interested in it.

  8. says

    LOL Katrina! Keep the fur out of the cookies!

    Sugar alcohols – that’s right, I ate a Think Thin bar once and had a very unpleasant gut reaction. Saw it had malitol in it, which I hadn’t heard of, and when I looked it up the common side effects matched mine. So yes, I’m staying away from the sugar alcohols, too. Although clearly they work great for some people, so I’m happy for them!

  9. Jen says

    I’ve never replaced all the sugar in a recipe with it but I’ve baked with it in smallish quantities a bit and liked the results- it doesn’t work as well in recipes that would call for caramelization (as mentioned above) but if you’re using sugar for simple sweetening and not more complicated browning or other reactions, it does well, and I’ve never had anything other than a normal response to it… I’ve read that it’s good for your teeth, too! I know that it supposedly does not cause a blood sugar spike and therefore is pretty safe for diabetics, and I try to keep my eye on my own blood glucose levels since I get kind of wonky when they get out of whack.. but I’ve gone back to preferring “real” sugar in moderation instead of using things like xylitol or agave because I’m learning more about how non-glucose sweeteners don’t signal the same response from the brain to produce leptin and tell your body it’s full/ready to burn fat like it would if it were glucose…

    Anyway, I like xylitol- I’m going to give this contest a try! Thanks for the heads up.

  10. says

    I’ve tried various sugar alcohols including xylitol and have had a bad reaction too. Sugar alcohols are indigestible so they “pass through” the body and are not absorbed as sugar. This causes, for many people, stomach ache, gas, and even the runs. I tend to feel a little queasy after eating something with sugar alcohols unless I only take a bite or two.

  11. Donna says

    Regarding the discussion of tolerance of Xylitol: It makes a great mouthwash after brushing as it kills all of the caries bacteria in your mouth. That’s the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Many dentists now give out xylitol mints or gum. Problem is that if it can kill bacteria as tenacious as caries, think what it does to your beneficial gut bacteria. Once your system has recultivated a new crop that can tolerate it you’ll be fine though. I’m diabetic and use it all the time. Now that I’m used to it I think it’s great. Just a word of caution folks. It does take some getting used to.

  12. Laura Broomfield says

    I love Xylitol! It is Fantastic! I began using it about a year ago and I admit that it requires some learning to get the measures correct in baking, but I will never put refined or even brown sugar in my mouth ever again. I and other members of my family are diabetic, and I have learned to cook with Xylitol to perfection. It is easy, and I am developing recipes every month to accomodate our sweet tooths, and convert old recipes requiring sugar to Xylitol. I have lost another twenty -five pounds and never have I once nor has anyone I know had a stomach upset from Xylitol. As a matter of fact I do assist elderly and aging clients for whom I help prepare certain foods as part of my healthful care program for myself and others, and the results of Xylitol on blood sugar have been amazing. No matter what I bake using Xylitol, the blood sugars Do Not Rise beyond a very minimal number and well within the accepted ranges for blood sugar after eating. I also had a cavaty on a bottom tooth that I could not afford to have taken care of yet and I am brushing with salt soda and Xylitol daily and the cavaty is less and has not expanded at all. I have waited for a long time to excitedly share my love for this product, so Thank You for giving me an opportunity to do so. I would like to see white sugar and all of the unhealthy and even deadly substitues taken off of the market and labled the poisons that they are. I will use Xyllitol both in my personal life and in business for the rest of my life. Affording it was the biggest challenge, but it has been worth every effort I made to do so. If you ever want to try some of the successful recipes I have designed using Xylitol, it would be my pleasure to share them. Thank you.

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