New Cook’s Illustrated Chocolate Chip Cookie

TOP 5 UPDATE: This new Cook’s Illustrated Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe may or may not be as good as the New York Times recipe, but it’s more convenient because it doesn’t call for all the different flours. My expectations might have been too high the first time I made these it because I thought the cookies were good, but not great. However, people who tried these thought they were incredible and I’ve found myself making them again and again because they are so easy and convenient. For that reason, this cookie goes on my Top 5 Chocolate Chip Cookie List.

UPDATE:  Patsy K got permission from CI to publish the recipe her blog, so you can get the full recipe here.

Today’s cookie was recommended by Sue, who found it in the new issue of Cook’s Illustrated. I can’t wait to get my copy because I want to read CI’s thought process in creating this recipe; but for now, here’s a review of the cookie. I’m not posting the recipe because a) I didn’t make any changes and b) it’s brand new. However if you must have the recipe now, sign on to Cooks Illustrated. If you’re lucky, a pop-up will come up and offer you a free one-day trial.

Sue described the cookies as thick, not-too-greasy, toffee like. I agree. They have an excellent texture and are thick and sturdy. I liked these a lot, but am not very happy with the type of chocolate chips I used. The cookies are big, so I think they’d be better with larger chocolate chips (like Ghirardelli Bittersweet) or chunks of really dark or bittersweet chocolate.

Cook's Illustrated Chocolate Chip Cookie

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  1. Louise says

    I agree. Those chips look kind of wimpy in those cookies. I’ve been pretty happy with the Scharffen Berger Bittersweet Baking Chunks. From your taste memory, how do these compare to Alton Brown’s? Now I’ll have to add these to my personal ccc bakeoff.

  2. says

    So I’ve made CI’s CCC yesterda but it was the old recipe. I had high expectations for them, since I’ve seen them all around being refered as “the best”, but thought they were good but nothing extraordinaire. Wonder how these new ones will differ from the “old”. They look “puffier” and I spot pecans.

  3. Valerie says

    I made these last night about 5 minutes after I got home and saw them. I kind of was already doing the melting sugar technique with their original ‘chewy chocolate chip cookie’ recipe…and most recent trials were browning most of the butter, so I felt like a genius when I saw this recipe. I did a half-batch and they are delicious. But I wouldn’t give them to kids…they’re almost sophisticated tasting! And thinner than the original recipe and a deeper caramel flavor…next time I’m going to sprinkle some sea salt on top!

  4. says

    Valerie, mine were pretty thick. I think I only made the original version once and don’t recall how thick those were, but theser were a decent thickness. I think the sea salt idea is great!

  5. says

    I just bookmarked this recipe in the new Cook’s Illustrated so it is great to see a few reviews of them already. They look delicious.

  6. Jenn's Baking Chamber says

    Those look like the ultimate cookie to me! very sturdy and chewy, just like a chocolate chip cookie should be.!

  7. says

    Mmm, these cookies look delicious. I am ALWAYS up for a new chocolate chip cookie! How fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Leslie says

    I saw this recipe, too, and plan to try it soon. They do cite the Ghiradelli bittersweet as their top pick so I may have to go buy some before baking these.

  9. PhillyGirl says

    I made these using a little less salt since my butter was salted. The warm cookies were good but were just “meh” the next day when I took them to work. I used the Ghiradelli 58% choc chips so I agree with you that the darker the better. The recipe made 36 tablespoon-sized balls. I will say that the dough was fantastic. The browned butter made the dough taste like salted caramels with chocolate. Oh well, still on the hunt for the next choc chip cookie recipe..

  10. says

    Phillygirl, Todd took mine to work and everyone loved them. I think in terms of texture, they are very impressive. For overall taste, there’s something lacking…..not sure what. They’re very good, but not perfection.

  11. Katherine says

    I made these yesterday. I used chunks of dark chocolate bar instead of the chips. They were good but flat as a pancake.

  12. says

    Katherine, did you weigh the flour? If you don’t have a scale, make them the same way you did before but add 2 T. flour and chill the dough.

    I’ve made these twice and both times they are pretty thick. Before chilling, they are slightly thinner (not flat, though) and after chilling, they are positively thick.

  13. says

    I made these the other day and they are wonderful cookies. Definitely in my Top 5 Chocolate Chip as well.

  14. Judy says

    I did a NY Times vs. Cook’s Illustrated C3 (chocolate chip cookie) bake-off, and the NYT won be a slight margin. Cookie’s are more impressive looking, with lots of wonderful nooks and crannies, and have lots of complex flavor. However, they are a pain to make. Cook’s Illustrated has a much better result to effort ratio, pretty tasty cookie and really easy to make. So for company, definitely NYT. Last minute, let’s make cookies – cookie, definitely cook’s illustrated.

  15. Linda says

    I’ve made these twice – once per directions using a big scoop with big chips, and thought the contrasting textures were perfect. I made them again yesterday with a smaller scoop and smaller chips (I needed smaller cookies for this “audience”) and it was much more difficult to get the contrasting textures, and they were flatter. If I make the smaller cookies again, I will form the dough balls and chill or freeze them before baking, as Anna suggesed to Katherine. I’ve been doing the browned butter thing for a while, just not using as much brown sugar as this recipe uses for fear they would have too much spread. These are great!

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