Blogroll Has a New Location

If you are wondering what happened to the blogroll, I am happy to say it’s been moved to its own special page. I will add a small banner to the top left corner of the sidebar as a re-direct, but since I’m not actually finished with the new blogroll (lots of links don’t have descriptions and I suspect there’s a typo or 100), I want to be inconspicuous and have hidden the main link up top between “About/Contact” and “Recipe Index”.

If your blog is not on the blogroll and you’re wondering why, let me know. Chances are I deleted it by accident (I’ve been cleaning house) or I just never added the link.

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  1. says

    Hi Anna!
    Thanks for including my newbie blog on your list.
    I think I’m going to have to go read through some of my posts, I didn’t realize that I come off as a big fan of CI! :-)I can become a bit perturbed by the way they present some things!
    I’m surprised you didn’t say “Sue is a big fan of The Cookie Madness blog”. I think there are far more references to you than to CI. At least I think there are! LOL! At one point I realized I needed to dial it back or it would start to seem weird!

  2. says

    Oh, see now, I just read you ditty on me again and see that it says not-so-evil twin. I could swear the first time I looked it said evil. 😉

  3. says

    Thanks Anna, I appreciate being among the talented cooks on your blogroll. As always, I love reading your blog and it’s an honor to be mentioned.

  4. says

    Sorry all the descriptions aren’t finished. I have to enter them into a database base type deal (link description) so each one takes a minute or two. And then my computer locks up which makes things take longer.

    But I do like the new look. I feel like I’ve cleaned my room.

  5. Louise says

    I was thinking the same thing as Katrina. If cleaning makes you feel that good, you’d feel like you spent a week at a spa after cleaning my house. ;-p

  6. says

    Thanks, Anna, for taking so much of your time to put this list together. It’s awesome! And thanks ENORMOUSLY for including us! One of these days our paths will cross and we’ll get to meet. And, BTW, you’re our honorary sister!

  7. says

    Gosh, that is the nicest blogroll ever! Writing something about each person? Wow. You’re worth like a million dollars!

  8. jessica says

    hello, i am so fascinated by your baking for the reason that i love baking my self.
    i was just wondering how you stay in such good shape with all these wonderful temptations around, i ask you this because sadly i stopped baking so i wouldnt have to much sweets in the house
    i hope this question is not to personal
    sincerely a retired blogger