Cake Accessories

Friday’s strawberry cake was so good that I plan on making it again for company. Todd was happy with a big slice of undecorated cake on our usual plates, but I’m on the lookout for some new dinnerware. Plus, I still haven’t found my dream cake carrier – the one that doubles as a cake stand thanks to a pull-out stem. Someone needs to invent this.  For now I’ll just keep using a carrier, cake lifter and cover.  Does anyone have a cake butler?  This one looks nicer than than my current cake carrier and the plate it sits on appears fairly elegant in the photo.

cake carrier

Oh, and did I mention I bought a cake lifter?  I was complaining about lifting cakes a few weeks ago and didn’t know such a thing existed.  Well, it does and it’s great.  I also use it to lift off the top layer of a cake I’ve split horizontally.

cake lifter

But here’s what I haven’t bought yet.  I love this particular cake cover, but it seems more like a gift item than something I’d buy myself…but maybe I should?  I feel like I need this cake cover.

cake cover

As for cake stands, I wish I had room for a whole cake stand collection. They’re so pretty and they really come in handy when I have people over and need a nice way to present cheese and crackers or appetizers.   Cake stands are another thing I need to remember for my next gift list. 

Cookies are so much simpler than cakes.  They don’t need any equipment or accessories to look good; but when you start making cakes, you want to show them off.

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  1. says

    I use an old Tupperware cake butler thingy that used to be my mom’s. It is not particularly elegant, though, with its mustard-colored plastic base and handle. Also, I wish I had a room full of cake stands, too! They are so pretty!!

  2. says

    the cake cover is wonderful! I need a good one, and was not found of glass, too heavy. did you get the cake cover?

  3. says

    I should turn the junk room into a cake stand room!

    The cake underneath the cover looks pretty good as well.

  4. Rina says

    I share your penchant for cake stands and domes. I have agonized for years on which to invest in or add to my gift list. I tend to fall for the ones that don’t have domes, but think that the dome is key for practical purposes. I have found a couple of good all-occasion ones on sale at the Crate and Barrel Outlet and Williams Sonoma.

  5. Louise says

    IMO, the last cake stand and dome is attractive, but given it’s acrylic I think it’s overpriced.

  6. says

    Rina, I’m the same way. I don’t want to sacrifice freshness for elegance so I go with the ugly airtight ones that snap shut.

    Carole, that’s true!

    Louise, maybe it’s a high-grade acrylic that won’t break easily? Not sure. I did see a lot of acrylic cake domes in Italy so maybe there’s a reason they’re making them in acrylic as opposed to glass.

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