1. Daisy Doodles says

    I was bummed I didn’t get picked but there are alot of good looking recipes on there to vote on 🙂

  2. Louise says

    I think their “panel of experts” forgets that the people using their products want cookie mixes and not a lot to do beyond that. If they wanted a lot of bowls, they’d be “baking from scratch”.

  3. says

    That’s a good point, Louise. I had kind of the opposite problem – I never use mixes, but I thought I would try to come up with something. I didn’t like how the mixes tasted at all, and didn’t know what to do with them. So I wasted my money and time on the mix and didn’t enter anything. I guess I learned that I really just like to bake from scratch. And it was fun to at least try!

    I admire those who can balance both and come up with something great this way. Well, like Anna, who is a fantastic scratch baker and still won this contest twice. 🙂

  4. says

    Louise, I agree with you. It’s interesting how some of the finalists’ recipes are as time consuming as scratch and more expensive. But I guess a lot of people who don’t bake as a hobby wouldn’t automatically know how to create a chocolate base for a drop cookie or a shortbread crust for a bar cookie. The mixes come in handy for people who are imaginative, but may not know the exact proportions for a scratch base. And in the past, there have been recipes that use the cookie mix as a base, but the toppings are so delicious you either 1) can’t taste the cookie mix or 2) don’t care.

    Carol, I know what you mean about wasting money and time with mixes. I’ve done that too. After a while, you get so use to scratch that nothing with a mix tastes right. That’s why it’s even trickier to take a mix and make it taste as good as scratch or doctor it up enough to make it so good no one minds.

    Just keep trying. Contests like these are a combination of luck and skill. If it were all luck, different people would win all the time. The fact that certain people make the finals over and over show that there’s some skill…and if skill is involved, then you can pick that up! Like any skill, it just takes enthusiasm, study and practice.

  5. NJ says

    Who is everyone going to vote for? I am leaning toward biscotti just because I think using a cookie mix in biscotti would be hard to do successfully (but I may be wrong).

    Anna, you may have told us already and I missed it but what were your two recipes that won in the past?


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