Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough for the Freezer

I freeze most cookie doughs without thinking twice about it, but here’s a recipe designed especially for freezing.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

The dough has no brown sugar and no baking soda (only baking powder), so I’m curious to see how the cookies will actually taste.

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  1. Crystal says

    I made this dough up today!! It’s in the freezer and I will attempt to bake some tonight. The turning of the dough into logs wasn’t really all that fun. If they are a repeat recipe, I think I will dump the dough onto wax paper and roll it that way. I just sort of shaped the dough into a log and stretched it out with my hands. I also divided the roll into 2 logs.

  2. says

    Hi Crystal,

    Let me know what the cookies taste like. I like the idea of slice and bake homemade dough, but that particular one didn’t sound great because of the baking powder and lack of brown sugar.

  3. Crystal says

    I agree Anna..I tried it out purely for the convenience!! I hope it works out!!

  4. Crystal says

    Well my general consensus is it was worth a try LOL The dough is very crumbly and hard to cut and keep into shape. The directions say to cut the chunks into quarters..well that would be fine if the cookies actually SPREAD! They stay in the exact shape they were when they went in the oven!! I smashed em down flat when I pulled them out of the oven. They also have a very different choc. chip cookie taste/texture. They are almost like shortbread cookies with choc. chips. Hubby and kiddos will eat them, but I won’t make them again. I was really hoping they would work as I totally love the concept…but refuse to pay the price of the Pilsbury cookie rolls.

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